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Thanks, Trump: Border crossings down 60%


Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly this week that illegal border crossings “are down 60 percent, just because of President Trump’s strong leadership.”

Is anyone surprised? This is what happens when you actually bother to enforce the rule of law.

Furthermore, Trump’s immigration crackdown is likely saving the lives of women and children. In Central America, women and children were told they would be granted amnesty by Obama if they could make it to the United States. This created a huge surge of women and unaccompanied children trying to escape to the U.S. only to be victimized, raped, and left for dead by their smugglers. Trump’s win has since discouraged that practice, if not eliminated it completely.

See what else Sessions had to say below, including what he plans to do about America’s second largest immigration problem: sanctuary cities.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    YEAH for President Trump!!! Now defund ALL sanctuary cities immediately, ship illegals back to Mexico with a tatoo “illegal” and branding criminal illegals on their forearm or back of hand (i.e. CII-D, CII-R, CII-I, CII-T, CII-M – CII being Criminal Illegal Immigrant and D=Drugs, R=Rape, I=Islamist, T=Theft, M-Murder…etc).




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