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Cartoon: Statue Of Lunacy


New York mayor Bill DeBlasio is openly declaring war on his constituents thanks to his sanctuary city policy.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share it with your friends.


  • jerry1944

    And they say us down south are dummm Well we sure arent that stupid

  • Niko

    As a,4th generation American of Greek heritage from the cesspool known as NYC, i want Dibastardo/retardos head in a NOOSE swinging dead for all to see in the middle of Times Square!!!!!

  • Robert

    I do suppose what the Majority of the County does not matter to the few who want to control the situation.
    It is a proven fact that the illegals commit far less crime than American citizens, and it is the Majority of the populations opinion that hey should be able to stay for a path to citizenship.

    It is only a minority of those that have nothing but hate and no facts to back up what you say.

    • Texas Belle

      The so called “fact” that illegals commit less crime than other Americans is a specious argument. It doesn’t matter how many crimes illegals commit; if they weren’t in this country illegally the crimes would not have been committed. If the animal who shot Kate Steinle had not been here; she would be alive today. There are many other similar cases in which illegals have committed crimes from robbery to murder which would not have happened if they had not been allowed in the United States.

    • DonOldGuy

      Sorry Robert. The “majority” as the Democrats are so happy to point out live in the unwanted urban cesspools of LA and NYC. They didn’t elect our last President and the vast majority of us in the much larger area of the U.S. believe that we settled the question of Federal Law superseding all other when it comes to insuring the security of the citizens. That should have been clear after the horror of 1861-65.
      If California decides to secede I wouldn’t want an ounce of blood shed to prevent that. Always liked visiting New York, but that was because a few folks like Giuliani were able to keep the thugs under control. I love immigrants who come here, assimilate in our culture, laws, and language. Failure to follow the legal means to become citizens is by definition ILLEGAL.

      • Robert

        I would not like to shatter you dream, but all Political parties live in the same urban areas.
        The only reason that Trump is President is because very few people voted, the lowest turn out in over 50 years and the lowest Democratic turn out since 1924, Trump may have won the Electoral vote but he was not elected by the majority of the voters when over 33% did not even vote and that included a lot of Republican like my self, I did not vote for either Presidential candidate if you care to check the records almost 1 million did not vote for either candidate, in my case I did not want to instrumental in putting either one in office. The Constitution says that the representatives are supposed to do what the majority of the population wants done, and it did not specify where they lived.
        Where would these poor people get the money to pay or immigration, you must think it is free, most only have the clothed they are wearing.
        the economic cost would be staggering
        these people are not a burden they are a huge asset to this country.

    • jerry1944

      you dems sure have a strange way of thinking

      • Robert

        I can guarantee you I have been a Republican since 1959 when I switched from Democrat.
        I am also a retired Bid Col from the Military, see how many of them you will find that are Democrats. Facts are facts and that is what makes anything right or wrong. FBI facts sheet says that the illegals do not commit more crime than Americans in fact they commit less but more is committed against them because they do not report it. Another fact is that every respectable poll, like Pew and Gallup has said that 65% and 63% respectively want the illegals to stay with a path to citizenship
        I know you will not believe any of this but it is facts not BS.

        • jerry1944

          maybe you are the same kind of rep that traitor mc cain and graham , the bonehead , and ryan are . They do say the same as you i think

          • Robert

            What is you can not stand people who think for them self. Just follow the leader even if he does not know what he is doing and not doing what the Constitution says he should be doing. “THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.” that means what the MAJORITY want done. That is why we are called a REPUBLIC, because the people have a say in the Government not like where the founders came from where only the elite had any say in Government.
            I see all the comments about following the Constitution but when it does not agree with you then the hell with the Constitution
            A tiny bit of education would do you a world of good.
            There are many Republicans besides me that disagree with what Trump is doing, acting like a bully in most cases.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • jerry1944

            Did you get that from mc cain and all those rinos that think so much for themself I would rather stand with the few thats in the Freedom Caucus even if our nubers are small But i can see how those that like free stuff could stand with the rinos and dems . I fought for this country and took a oath and still stand by it

          • Robert

            I also spent 26 years in the military and took the same oath everyone else takes.
            Do you remember the part about upholding the Constitution of this United States.
            If you do then you should know that the Constitution says that the Congress must “DO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.” and according to the Federalist Papers and the 1800s Supreme Court decision that statement means that the Congress will do what the Majority of the population want done, that is why we are called a Republic because the people are supposed to control the Government.
            So I would recommend you stand by your oath and tell your Congress Person to do what the Constitution says do what the Majority want done. I am a Republican but all the BS and lies gets the party no where and is not doing what the people want done.

          • jerry1944

            Sorry you forgot to be for the ppl then maybe you where a ooficer and they sure didnt think like us that had to do the work Although i did know a few that was right with us and felt the same as us that did the real work And dear dem mc cain was there also Do you think he remembers his oath

          • Robert

            Yes I was an officer I was on the nomination list fro General when i retired. I was a field grade officer i did not send my men I want with them normally right up front leading. when Nam fell we were about 20 Klick north of Hanoi checking out what was supposed top be a Prisoner camp but tuned out to be a munitions factory, took us almost 2 weeks with the help of the friendly natives to get out.
            I am for what the Constitution says even when I do not like it. I did not like the democrat Administration under Obama but they did do what the Constitution says they should do, the will of the people, and that does mean what the majority of the people want. We as Republicans are handicapped because less than 43% of registered voters are Republican and 48% are Democrat the rest are of other parties.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    What a brilliant decision DeBlasio…cuz NYC doesn’t have enough crime and problems. Goof way to ensure you are never re-elected. Thank you, sfb!

  • Robert Pekarik

    I believe a majority of the citizens of New York go on a drug/drinking binge the night before election day and when the went to the polls they believed they were voting for a new type of drug so they picked DeBlasio. The problem was it was worse than a bad drug that has lasted for to many years.

  • Tom Farrell

    Time to do with New York City what they did with it in “Escape From New York”, turn it into a penal colony. They can throw all the illegals and criminal immigrants in there as well.

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