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Book-burning Democrats order teachers to destroy science text


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How’s this for hypocrisy? A group of House Democrats who call everyone else “Nazis” and “science deniers” are ordering the nation’s teachers to destroy books that fail to include political propaganda:

Three ranking House Democrats on Monday urged teachers to throw away copies of a book written by climate scientists challenging the catastrophic global-warming view, saying the nation’s schools are “inappropriate” forums for such a discussion.

The Democratic blast at “climate deniers” came in response to a campaign by the conservative Heartland Institute to distribute free DVDs and copies of the 2015 book, “Why Climate Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” to about 200,000 K-12 science teachers.

The Democrats who penned the letter are Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), and Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas). Scott’s condemnation of the book was particularly totalitarian:

“Public school classrooms are no place for anti-science propaganda, and I encourage every teacher to toss these materials in the recycling bin,” said Rep. Bobby Scott, Virginia Democrat, ranking member of the Education and the Workforce Committee.

“Successful high school graduates are aware and engaged global citizens with an understanding of and appreciation for scientific fact,” said Mr. Scott in a press release. “If the Heartland Institute and other climate deniers want to push a false agenda on global warming, our nation’s schools are an inappropriate place to drive that agenda.”

The three authors of the book — Craig Idso, S. Fred Singer, and the late Robert M. Carter — are all literal scientists who hold doctorates and taught science at the university level. But they don’t know better than the government, according to Scott.

Heartland Institute president Joseph Bast was floored by the liberal backlash. In a March 3 letter to teachers, he asked them to “consider the possibility that the science is in fact not ‘settled'”:

“If that’s the case, then students would be better served by letting them know a vibrant debate is taking place among scientists on how big the human impact on climate is, and whether or not we should be worried about it,” said Mr. Bast. “That sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? Not, apparently, to out-of-touch Democrats in Washington, DC.”

This is a crucial point that liberals miss: conservatives like Bast are not “climate deniers,” as Scott claimed. They don’t deny that climate change exists; rather, they challenge why it exists and whether or not and to what extent humans are the cause. But because liberals are as dogmatic as can be when it comes to the environment, any disagreement with their opinion is by default a denial.

But the irony award here belongs to Rep. Grijalva. Grijalva also branded the Heartland Institute as “climate deniers,” and chastised them for “lying to children about the world we live in to further corporate polluter profits.” However, back in 2015 Grijalva admitted to overreach when he demanded to know the sources of funding for University of Colorado Professor Roger Pielke Jr. because Pielke held a skeptical position on climate change.

If you want a modern example of fascism, look no further than liberal environmentalists.

  • Kevin

    It is a fact that “climate change” has been going on for millions, if not billions of years already, even without man’s contribution. Man’s contribution to that process is insignificant at most.

  • Robert Pekarik

    The only scientific change we the people agree with is that liberal progressive democrats have abandoned our Constitution, common sense and honesty. There is a civil war going on right now in our nation. It is between the insane liberal progressive radical left and we the people. Don’t be fooled, the democrats want big brother to control every aspect of our lives. Ridding America of books and opposing ideas is the foundation of the crazy, insane, dishonest anti-American leftists who are really communists in democrat clothing.

    • BonLovesFreedom

      Hi Robert Pekarik ~ Just wrote the same control “every aspect” and then read yours. So you know I agree 100% with your excellent post. Well said.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Scott, Johnson, and Grijalva sound just like nazis. Shame on them! God is taking notes, you hypocritical jerks. Any one that researches the history of weather can see there is no such thing as “global warming” and that, of course, our climate changes periodically. Demonrats won’t be happy until they rule America in every aspect then conquer the world. Got news for ya – it ain’t gonna happen! And your stupid idea of blocking the sun with chemicals to inhibit “global warming” is purely asinine. Put THAT in your crack pipe and smoke it.

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