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Report: Soros doled out more than $6 million to influence European elections


Creepy liberal billionaire George Soros gave more than $6 million to 90 different organizations to influence the outcome of the 2014 European Parliamentary elections, and no one is talking about it.

The Daily Caller is virtually the only media organization working to analyze leaked documents from Soros’ Open Society Foundations detailing how he works behind the scenes to defeat populist candidates and movements across Europe.

Specifically, Soros and the OSF work to thwart candidates who oppose their open border worldview:

A $46,840 grant to the Center for Peace Studies, for example, was meant to “stimulate public support and election turnout among ambivalent voters in order to prevent the election of xenophobic, racist, and other radical political options representing Croatia at the EU level.” Supporting restrictions on immigration is typically synonymous with “xenophobia” in OSF’s internal documents.

Another $100,000 went to UNITED for Intercultural Action to “counter the election [of European Members of Parliament] from populist and far-right parties in Europe.”

According to the documents, UNITED teamed up with the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and Hope not Hate to push back against populist candidates in all 28 member states of the EU, while “particularly focusing” on five countries: France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and the Netherlands.

The Netherlands became a top target of the OSF in 2014 due to the rise of the far-right PPV party, lead by populist Geert Wilders. Last month, the PPV party fell short of expectations, coming in second place in the Dutch elections.

But populist, anti-EU movements are spreading like wildfire across Europe, including Italy, France, and Soros’ native Hungary. Which only means that Soros will up the ante and pour millions more into manipulating elections to his desired One World outcome.

He must be stopped — and before he tries to do the same in America.

CLICK HERE to tell President Trump: Deport George Soros! Trump is exactly the kind of candidate Soros hates, and you can bet he and the OSF are already working behind the scenes to prevent Trump from winning a second term. Click here to stop this nefarious billionaire now!

  • Sharon Holmes

    Deport Soros. Let him go back to China or anywhere that will accept him, and please Lord, let his days be numbered on one hand.

    • JeF

      This a$$h0les’ tentacles reach far and wide.
      The subhuman aka Georgio Soros isa sewer parasite that needs to be eviscerated immediately[.]
      What is the civilized world waiting for?!

      • Sharon Holmes

        While that might be better, Jef, let’s just get him deported for starters. Wish we could get Israel to take him, that would accomplish both of our goals.

    • ARJAY

      On one missing finger!!

      • Sharon Holmes

        Better yet.


    He can dole out as much money as he wants it is not going to help. He tried to do it here and he tried to do it with Brixit….Money will not buy freedom and the will of the sane people. Soros is an unhingrdpieceofshit and should have a bullet in his head…Some one will do it soon….LOL Others will follow.

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