Creepy Billionaire Makes This Week’s News Quiz


Creepy billionaire George Soros is back at it with his worldwide web of political fixers trying to crush anyone who stands in the way of his One World Order. You’ll need to know how much Soros forked out to advance his chilling agenda to ace this week’s Quiz.

Click Here to help us deport Soros.

Answer that, along with all our other brainbusting queries and you will get the same shout out that these genius-level patriots are getting for their perfection on last week’s Quiz:

The Deadman, Mr. Socko, Beg on Bended knee, Gordon G, Randy, DragonD, ARJAY, Victoria davis, BonLovesFreedom, Gordon G, Ernie75, Daniel Meloon, Helen B, winner, Frank, Kelly L, Casey, Skye, REBEKAH, Frank T, CGBritt, L, Ladylee, RBsr, rwhawk, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz April 3-April 7 2017



Image credit: kev_hickey_uk under CC 4.0

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