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B.O.L.O. ALERT: Nationwide manhunt for man who stole weapons, vowed to kill Trump in anti-religion manifesto


Photo: Rock County Sheriff’s Dept.

An extensive manhunt is underway for a suspect accused of stealing firearms from a Wisconsin gun store and writing a 161-page anti-Trump manifesto in which he threatens school shootings.

Joseph Jakubowski, 32, is suspected of stealing at least 16 weapons from Armageddon Supplies in Janesville, Wis.:

Jakubowski allegedly broke into the Armageddon Supplies gun shop in Janesville Tuesday at 8:40 p.m. and stole about 16 high-end firearms. Thirty minutes later, [Rock County Sheriff Robert] Spoden said, a car was found engulfed in flames near the shop. Spoden said the car belonged to Jakubowski.

At least two assault rifles and several high-end handguns are among the stolen firearms, a law enforcement source told ABC News. Jakubowski may have stolen silencers as well, the source said.

Not long after the robbery, police found a 161-page manifesto that police say Jakubowski allegedly wrote and mailed to Trump on April 4, the same day of the robbery. In it, he threatens to unleash his stolen weapons on public schools and officials:

“When you look at his document that he wrote, it’s really a long list of injustices he believes the government and society and the upper class have put forward onto the rest of the citizens, so there’s really nothing specific where he’s saying, ‘I was wronged in this way’ or ‘I was wronged in that way,'” Spoden said. “It’s just an overview that he feels that government and law enforcement, in particular, are acting as terrorists and enslaving the people and creating this environment that he finds unacceptable.”

In communications prior to his disappearance, Jakubowski also allegedly made reference to his dying by the hand of Trump and expressed a desire to save everyone by taking out one politician at a time.

Jakubowski is known to law enforcement and had previously been in jail for attempting to disarm a police officer. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Look in his mom’s basement or garage.

  • Kevin

    Let’s see: 1) stolen firearms, 2) anti-Trump manifesto, 3) threats of violent attacks against school children. Sure sounds like the NRA is behind this – or that’s what “Chuckles the Clown” Schumer (and his degenerate pervert cousin Amy) would want you to believe. Right. The Left OWNS this kind of violent rhetoric! These people need to be rounded up and sent to detention camps.

  • jerry1944

    So he has a known record and is still running lose . What up with that .

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