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Cartoon: Leading From the Front


President Donald Trump has taken a far different tack in Syria than former President Obama. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


    My only suggestion? big ears should have been depicted in a grass skirt. From what I hear barry has been hiding out in the Polynesian islands. Where’s Michael? Where are the morracan adoptees!?

  • Robert

    As a Live long Republican I can say all this is making a mockery of the Real Republicans, I may not like Obama but he did follow the Constitution about his actions Trump did not follow the Constitution, so you are saying it is all right when we do not follow the Constitution but all wrong when Obama did follow the Constitution and was stopped by Congress, mostly by the same people who are saying Trump did the right thing.
    What happened to TRUTH and HONESTY the basis for the Republican party up until Reagan as President, and the lying started, we were always on the Democrats for lying but now we have lower our self to that level.

  • jerry1944

    obambo sure didnt do any good with his red line but run for cover when they told him to Great thing to have a president that is a man of his words

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