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Leaked Clinton aide email: ‘Al Qaeda is on our side’


WikiLeaks has dug up an eyebrow-raising Hillary Clinton email in the wake of President Donald Trump’s unexpected missile strike in Syria.

Back in 2012, Clinton’s then-policy adviser Jake Sullivan sent her an email declaring, “AQ [Al-Qaeda] is on our side in Syria”:

This email confirms that Clinton knew all along that the U.S. was working alongside Al Qaeda in Syria:

What this email shows is that the US knew Al-Qaeda leader [Ayman] al-Zawahiri called on Muslims in Turkey and the Middle East to aid the rebels in the Free Syrian Army. From this day forward, the lines between who Al-Qaeda or the ‘rebels’ actually were — became heavily blurred. But, according to the email, the state department did not care as they knew Al-Qaeda was on their side.

See the full email here.

  • Babsan

    No news really.The Clinton Crime mob gets their money from Terrorists/Arabs and are pure unadultered EVIL themselves

  • Vicky Goldstone

    Clinton thinking like the greedy self serving and corrupt politician she is, believed that the enemy of our enemy is ALWAYS our friend.

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