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The Mother Of All Videos: Pentagon releases footage of MOAB obliterating mile-wide ISIS target


On Thursday the U.S. military dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State target in Afghanistan, obliterating an underground ISIS complex.

The Pentagon has released footage of the massive explosion. Watch below.

  • cootierebele

    long over due

  • Kevin

    The MOAB may be the “largest non-nuclear” weapon we have, but it really is nothing compared to a nuke. I’ve read that the MOAB contains 21,000 lbs (~11 tons) of high explosive. Assuming an equivalency to TNT, this could be stated as being an 11-ton bomb (which is 0.011 kt – where the “k” is the prefix meaning “kilo,” or a thousand). The American W-88 “compact thermonuclear” warhead on a Trident II D-5 missile has a yield up to 400 kt. That’s 400/0.011 = 40,000 times the yield of the MOAB (plus fallout, etc.).

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