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Kim Jong Un is planning to kill you. This book is your best defense.


Kim Jong Un wants to kill you.

And this FREE book shows you how he’ll do it, and how you can survive it.

The media are obsessed with North Korea’ nuclear arsenal, and whether it will be used against the United States in the event of a military strike on the regime’s weapons facilities.

North Korea has as many as 24 nuclear warheads, but they are all too large to be fitted atop any of their current missiles. The regime has been working feverishly to develop a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can be launched, but so far they do not appear to have succeeded.

The regime does, however, have between 2,500 and 5,000 tons of chemical and biological weapons – and they have used them.

Just a few months ago four North Korean agents assassinated the estranged brother of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un using VX nerve agents. Disturbingly, he’s not the first family member the regime has had killed using chemical weapons. In 1997, then-Leader Kim Jong Il assassinated his former wife’s nephew, who had defected to South Korea.

But North Korea’s chemical and biological weapons pose a threat to more than family members. Not only do they have the desire to use chemical and biological weapons against Americans on American soil — they have the ability to do so.

North Korean agents are already on the ground in the United States, and they have access to thousands of tons of chemical and biological weapons. They also have a blueprint. Since 1984 there have been at least eight chemical and biological weapons attacks on civilians by terrorists or cult groups. In “Survive The Next Chem/Bio Weapons Attack,” you are shown how to prepare for an attack, how to survive it, and what to do after.

North Korea is prepared for an attack. Are you?

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