Cartoon: Killing O’Reilly


In the book version of Killing O’Reilly, the New York Times gets top billing but the Murdoch Brothers came in with the fatal stab in the back. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Robert Kahlcke

    The operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization won this one, but they lost the battle
    long term. There like a cancerous tumor that needs to be excised and that will be done.


    The communist have not silenced Bill O’Reilly! In fact, they may have empowered him to reach a future audience. His hands are no longer tied by corporate news. He’s free to cut lose and let fly! Oh my!

  • Temp Patterson

    I want to see Bill come back!!! I see what has happened with the lies against Hannity, and I agree that conservatives need to fight back against the lies and slander.

  • jerry1944

    It does sound like those rich murdoch boy want to get rid of all conservative on FOX news Guess old shep smith and the black lib will be safe though Just wonder how long till they cut all conservative for some reason even if they have to make one up like they have Bill

  • ctroop

    I am now 75 years of age and therefore exempt from jury duty in my state. But I have always answered my calls to jury duty everytime I’ve been summoned, and served on criminal and civil case juries whenever I was selected to do so.

    If there was one thing I learned in jury service it is the fact that the accused (the defendant) is presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt … by the prosection. This requires evidence! PROOF! And the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the prosection. All that to say this:

    The only FACT that we, the readers and the watchers of Bill O’Reilly, are aware of is the fact that there have been numerous women who have ACCUSED O’Reilly of sexual assault … or sexual misconduct of some kind or kinds.

    We also know that Fox has paid off millions of dollars (out of court settlements?) to keep these accusations from going public … or at least out of court. I understand the concept of “paying off” an accuser in order to avoid court costs, legal fees and publicity. But I also understaned that when word gets out about the source of some really “easy money,” it has the potential to attract parasites like files to a steaming pile of excrement.

    I upset a whole lot of liberal thinking “friends” when I REFUSED to believe the women, one after another, who kept “coming forward” to accuse Bill Cosby. I didn’t like (or dislike) Cosby any more (or any less) than any other comic/actor/celebrity. I just refused to accept … without question … the word of ANY accuser! Even in a civil court, the buden of proof is ALWAYS on the accuser! Okay! Then Cosby finally broke down and admitted it. THEN I believed his accusers.

    To me Bill O’Reilly’s situation is different. I do like and admire him. I am also aware that the leftist, in-the-bag-for-the-democrats, mainstream media HATES anything and anyone conservative … and they HATE the truth … and they have been known to LIE and TWIST the facts!

    I also am convinced that the two leftist brothers who now own and control Fox News (and God only knows what all else) will probably get rid of ALL the conservative show hosts … eventually. But, regardless of all that, I will continue to apply that same principle … the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the accusers!

    So, all you ladies, whether ever employed or affiliated with Fox New or not, I believe O’Reilly! Until you PROVE otherwise, I will regard you as false accusers who collected extortion money. And if that “offends” anyone, they can go pack sand!

    I regard Bill O’Reilly in the hightest esteem UNTIL his accusers (and I don’t care if there is ten of them, or ten-thousand of them) PROVE him guilty … with actual evidence! None of this judging by the number of accusers or “circumstancial” crap!

    Also, ladies, know this: There more time passes between the alleged event, and the “coming forward to acuse,” the less your level of credibility.

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