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Trump lawyer may sue Fake Media outlet for phony Russia claims


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Back in January, uber-liberal “news” site BuzzFeed published a dubious dossier written by former British spy Christopher Steele claiming that Michael Cohen, personal attorney to President Donald Trump, conspired with Russian agents to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Now, Cohen is taking steps to sue BuzzFeed:

Mr. Steele was paid by a Hillary Clinton supporter, via the Democratic Party-linked firm Fusion GPS, to gather dirt on candidate Trump last summer and fall. GPS circulated the Steele memos to reporters and Democrats.

But it was not until BuzzFeed posted the dossier that some people named in it learned that they were accused of wrongdoing.

In Mr. Cohen’s case, Mr. Steele accused him of traveling to Prague in the last week of August to meet with Russian agents to devise a plan to cover up the supposed Trump-Russia hacking of Democratic Party email servers.

Mr. Cohen, the attorney for the Trump Organization for 10 years, immediately denied the accusation in January. He showed his passport to the president, his close aides and reporters to prove he had never been to Prague. He also shared his itinerary for a trip he took to Southern California at the time Mr. Steele said he was in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Cohen is the second person to seek legal action against BuzzFeed over the dossier. Aleksej Gubarev, CEO of network solutions firm XBT Holding, is suing the site for defamation. BuzzFeed has since struck Gubarev’s name from the dossier published on its website. Cohen’s name, however, remains unredacted.

Cohen called the dossier “completely fabricated”:

“I believe the entire dossier to be inaccurate, and worse, completely fabricated. I applaud Aleksej Gubarev in bringing legal action against both Christopher Steele and BuzzFeed for creating and disseminating this fake dossier/information without a scintilla of fact checking. I am currently in discussions with foreign and domestic counsel to file similar actions.”

BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith doubted the dossier was true at the time it was published, yet he chose to publish it anyway. If that’s not fake news, I don’t know what it.

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