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Video: Conservatives conform to liberal views in new Heineken ad


Earlier this month, Pepsi released an ad in which model Kendall Jenner hands a cop a can of soda during a politically charged protest — and the internet absolutely erupted. Among other criticisms, liberal media labeled the ad “tone deaf” and accused Pepsi of trivializing the fight against police brutality. It wasn’t long before Pepsi pulled the ad over the backlash.

Well, on Wednesday Dutch beer company Heineken released its own politically charged ad — and the internet can’t stop singing its praises.

But, like everything else in progressive ideology, the ad isn’t as inclusive as it wants you to believe.

The ad is called “Worlds Apart,” and it depicts three sets of people with wildly different political opinions coming together to discuss said opinions over a beer. Among the dichotomous pairs are a white male member of the “new right” and a minority female feminist; a man who doesn’t believe in climate change and another who doesn’t believe we’re doing enough to stop climate change; and a man who believes in the gender binary and a transgender woman.

These are all diametrically opposed, hot button issues. And if the ad depicted these polar opposite pairs coming to a mutual understanding of their diametrically opposed views, it would indeed be the inclusive foil to Pepsi’s ad that liberals believe it is.

But the ad does not depict that. Instead, what it depicts is the conservatives coming to conform to the liberals’ worldview. Watch for yourself below:

Come on — the ad signs off with the self-declared member of the new right proclaiming, “Smash the patriarchy!” Try harder next time, Heineken. Better yet, just leave politics out of beer.

  • Cheryl Sommerville

    Well I liked it. Conversation over a beer is better than being headstrong and argumentative. We should all be a little less opinionated and a little more open to each others ideas….and I’m pretty conservative.

  • Ithamar

    I personally like Heineken, but I have not drunk another bottle since Heineken chose that repugnant tv sodomite actor as its spoke person. I will not be identified with that filthy perversion.

  • Respect is good, trying to change hundreds of thousands of years of years of natural programing basically over night, FOOLISH. It’s also impossible. Especially when in the case for homosexuals and trans genders. Live as you wish to live, be equal, but no special rules or treatments, not for such a tiny % of the population, (less than 4%). Politics and beer belong together like guns and beer, NOT.

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