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GOP spending scheme doubles number of foreign work visas


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The massive spending bill announced Monday doesn’t just put the kibosh on funding for President Trump’s border wall. Analysts have discovered that it also includes a provision more than doubling the number of temporary visas to foreign workers this year:

[…] the boost in H-2B visas was a surprise to analysts and drew immediate condemnation from Trump backers, who said Congress was undermining the president’s vow to protect American workers from foreign competitors.

NumbersUSA said the provision would let the Trump administration raise the cap from 66,000 foreign workers to more than 135,000.

“It is a sellout [of] the American worker,” said Bob Dane, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), both top members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, have spoken out against the provision:

“We understand the needs of employers who rely on seasonal H-2B workers if the American workforce can’t meet the demand, but we are also aware of the potential side effects of flooding the labor force with more temporary foreign workers, including depressed wages for all workers in seasonal jobs,” the two senators said.

The 3,000-page bill covers most of the basic operations of government, but immigration is an outsized sticking point. While it does not fund a border wall, it does include funding for 100 deportation officers and 39,000 daily detention beds. However, even that is not enough; as of April 22, the Homeland Security Department is averaging 40,160 people per night.

The bill will be voted on this week.

  • bob breglio

    When will the Republican Congress learn that stabbing the people in the back is NOT the way to govern. President Trump was elected to cut off the flow of illegals and send a lot of them back where they came from, one way or the other. Start putting Americans first or suffer the voter’s wrath in 2018.

  • jerry1944

    I now know the rep party lie more than the dems . and the rep party has more dems in it than the libs do in the dem party . Cant see why i would ever want to vote for anyone in the rep lying party again

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