Democrat candidate recommends suicide for climate skeptics


Photo credit: YouTube, TeaPartier

Montana’s Democrat nominee for U.S. Congress thinks climate change skeptics should attempt suicide.

“This is something that the entire world needs to address,” said folk musician and House candidate Rob Quist. “If any those of you that feel like this is not a problem, I challenge you to go into your car in your garage, start your car, and see what happens there.”

Unfortunately for Montana Democrats, Quist said that on TV.  In a televised debate.

And he didn’t even get the science right.  Liberals claim the planet is overheating because of carbon dioxide.  Car exhaust kills by poisoning through carbon monoxide.

Needless to say, Quist’s science is decidedly unsettled.

But Quist is not the first Democrat nominee to make light of the deaths of political opponents.

He’s also not the first Democrat nominee from Montana to do it.

In fact, he’s not even the first Democrat nominee from Montana to do it in the last four years.

Amanda Curtis held a vigil at the grave of Joe Hill, an infamous Socialist executed in 1915 for murdering a former police officer and his son.

She was also Montana’s Democrat nominee for United States Senate in 2014.

Curtis helped organize the event as a member of the “Industrial Workers of the World,” an openly socialist group known for its history of terrorist bombings, including an attempt to assassinate the head of Standard Oil on the day of Hill’s execution.

The IWW’s logo is a black cat, symbolizing sabotage. In 1917 the group had over 150,000 members, but its violent rhetoric and history of terrorism have reduced it to only a few hardcore members today.

Curtis’ local IWW chapter proclaims it is “working to organize the people of Montana into the One Big Union to end wage slavery and eventually end the capitalist system.”

At least Rob Quist isn’t trying to kill people with dynamite.  Maybe Montana Democrats should Google their candidates before nominating them.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Let’s hope neither Quist nor Curtis reproduce! “Car exhaust kills by poisoning through carbon monoxide.” But Quist thinks otherwise, so that makes it true, right? By his twisted logic, water should be eliminated as people drown in it…or maybe wind should be banned because it blows down dead tree limbs and distributes pollen which has an allergen affect. Some of the demonrat folks should be in a lock-down facility and maybe a strait jacket.

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