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Good guy with gun prevents mass shooting


Image Credit: Kelly McCarthy

Gun-grabbing liberals think restaurants should be gun-free zones. But a good guy with a concealed carry license prevented what could have been a mass shooting at a Texas sports bar last week:

Police in Texas say a concealed carry holder is a hero for shooting a crazed attacker Wednesday and preventing what could have been a slaughter inside a crowded sports bar.

The man, who was dining with his wife at Zona Caliente in Arlington, Texas, quickly sprung into action when he witnessed the gunman allegedly shoot and kill the bar manager, police said. The man took a gun he had on a concealed carry permit and quickly shot the assailant, who later died.

The Good Samaritan with the gun has not been publicly identified, however police identified the assailant as 48-year-old James Jones. According to witnesses, Jones walked into the bar and began yelling incoherently before fatally shooting the bar manager, who had attempted to engage Jones in conversation.

Investigators still have not uncovered a motive for Jones’s actions. However, they did find another fully loaded gun and two knives on his person, indicating that he likely planned for far more harm than he carried out.

As stated by Arlington Police spokesman Christopher Cook, “Had the Good Samaritan not intervened, there could have further loss of life.”

  • 1ArcticWarrior

    Job well done 🙂

  • Traveller62

    Thank you sir!!

  • BonLovesFreedom

    And yet the demonrats want to disarm all of us. Well, at least everyone that isn’t a criminal. The 2nd Amendment clearly states we have the right to bear arms. Thank God this diner had his handgun and took the gunman out! Sounds like the psycho that shot the bartender planned on killing at least 20 people. Demonrats need to shut up and sit down, allowing responsible adults to care of business.

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