Cartoon: Late Night in the Gutter


The Left loves to chant “Love Trumps Hate” unless the hate is unleashed by their ideological comrades on late night TV. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.

  • Barkingdeathsquirrel

    More of a poo poo platter, really.

  • Robert

    Yep, $#!+-for-brains describes Colbert quite appropriately…

  • Texas Belle

    I have never heard a Republican spew such hate for anyone as did Stephen Colbert for Trump. Can anyone imagine the explosion from the Media if such things had been said about Obama? It would have been front page news for days with condemnation coming from all Media outlets. Yet, Liberals laughed and thought his tirade was a brilliant move, voicing hate and spite. Why has our culture become so rude, crude, and hateful that a lot of people think it is smart and cute to denigrate people in public, to riot, to attack others who disagree with their beliefs? Where is common decency, good manners, decorum? Has it vanished from the country forever?

    • Robert

      We see that those qualities are completely absent from the socialists, communists, and fascists, at least. Or in a word, Marxists, or in another word I would use, Satanists. At least Yahowah (a.k.a. “God”) will cleanse every last one of those vermin (or nearly so) from the face of the Earth on the ultimate Yom Kippurym in 2033, and the few who survive The Tribulation won’t have to put up with them for a thousand years.

  • jerry1944

    One would think he dont believe in GOD . OO thats right he is a dem and doesnt for real

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