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Murder charges for cop who shot black teen


Photo: Parker County Jail

Last month, Officer Roy Oliver fatally shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he fled a house party in Texas. Now, Oliver faces murder charges after a review of his body camera footage:

Oliver was one of two officers responding to a call about the house party on April 29. While the two officers searched for the homeowner, they heard gunshots ring out and the party became a chaotic scene.

Oliver walked outside to see a vehicle leaving the area, retrieved a rifle and opened fire. He described the vehicle as backing toward him in “an aggressive manner,” but a review of his body camera — a video that has not been released to the public — showed the vehicle actually driving away from him when he opened fire.

Edwards was sitting in the passenger seat of the car; the bullet struck him in the head. Investigators have determined that Edwards and the other occupants of the car were unarmed.

Oliver turned himself over to authorities after the Dallas Sheriff’s Department issued a warrant for his arrest Friday. He has since been released on $300,000 bond and awaits trial.

  • jerry1944

    I will stick with the cops All these thugs has to do is learn to COMPLY I bet they would never get shot and the cops would be a lot more happy also

    • Chi Sam

      All you ‘have’ to do, stupid…is learn simple verb tense, and I bet you would never get called stupid.

      • jerry1944

        you must really be a lonely lib .I though yall nuts where really busy terring up stff bt its good i give yo som to do

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