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Cartoon: Within Range


For some reason, Congressional Republicans cannot stop shooting themselves in the foot rather than govern as a majority party should.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share it with your friends.

  • jug

    ‘Bout right!

  • Robert

    Just because they are elected as a Republican does not mean they have to go along with what the President wants to do, there are always differences in opinion even in families about how things should be done. Now we are talking about running a Government institution so there has to be differences in the members opinions no matter which party.

    • Jay Star

      Should also be determined by the people they represent, not ego trips.

      • Robert

        Jay Star
        Most politicians do represent the people who put them there, that is how they get reelected. You might not agree with what they do but , the majority must because they keep getting reelected.

  • Tom Farrell

    It appears that the Republicans are Democrats in sheep’s clothing.

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