This Quiz Isn’t Fake . . . Like The Latest Hate Crime Hoax


This is the genuine article unlike dozens of fake hate crime hoaxes perpetrated all across the country over the past few years.  You’ll need to know where the latest one was if you want to join the supersmart and select group of CRN readers who can say they aced our news quiz.

Last week’s group is small but clearly the cream of the crop after what turned out to be a difficult set of questions.  So extra kudos and salutations for:

Karl Pongracz
Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz May 8-May 12 2017

  • jeannemartin

    The crazed democrats are chasing their tails! They don’t know which way to go!
    When You have Maxine Waters leading your cause you really are in big doo doo!
    Calm down, get a grip and try to help your country!
    Obama tried and failed!
    Help Trump make America great again!!! 🇺🇸💕

    • You said it sister. Trump isn’t responsible for the dissention that’s tearing the country apart, it’s the Democommies, just look at what the CA leg. did on the 8th. Reversing a law that kept Communists, out of state and local gov. Plus they passed a law against saying or printing negative things against Communism. Is that insane or what. I really think we should give CA to the Chinese to settle our debt with them. Then CA would have all the communism the could want.

  • Yea, I aced it. Yea,

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