This Quiz’s Motto Isn’t As Colorful as Some


In fact, this Quiz doesn’t have an official motto. It would be hard to get one as “colorful” as that of the international gang MS-13 currently terrorizing the U.S. thanks to illegal immigrants swelling their ranks.

You’ll need to decipher their motto, along with four other tough questions pulled from this week’s top CRN news stories, in order to join this list of genius-level patriots who aced last week’s Quiz and now receive their just reward:

Nigel Tufnel, Tony W., boomer56, Beetha, Boss, Steve, gaylesteffen, Gordon G, Gerhard Koehlinger Jr, Ladylee15, wm hudson, kenwoods2, Casey, Frank T, Skye, REBEKAH, Loretta, Alan Webster, SRK, Karl Pongracz, billsteffen, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz May 15-May 19 2017

  • jerry1944

    geee a B isnt that bad i guess on short notice for the old brain

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