The Fake News are lying again. Trump is not cutting spending.


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If you were to believe the mainstream media, you would think President Trump just proposed slashing federal spending and decreasing the size of government.

That’s why they’re called Fake News.

Here are the actual numbers:

Trump’s proposed budget plan:
FY2018 outlays: $4.094 trillion
FY2027 outlays: $5.708 trillion

That’s a 39.4 percent increase in federal spending over the next 10 years. For comparison, federal spending increased 36.2 percent over the previous 10 years.

When you narrow the numbers to compare spending under Obama’s eight years as president to proposed spending under eight years of a Trump presidency the media’s lies are even more shameless.

Federal spending under eight years of Obama (FY2010-FY2017):
FY2010: $3.456 trillion
FY2017: $4.062 trillion
+$606 billion spending increase
+17.53% spending growth under Obama

Federal spending under eight years of Trump, proposed (FY2018-FY2025):
FY2018: $4.094 trillion
FY2025: $5.306 trillion
$1.212 trillion spending increase
+29.6% proposed spending growth under Trump

But the core of the Fake News media’s latest lies are claims Trump is “slashing” and “gutting” spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

And it’s a complete and deliberate lie.

Trump is not cutting entitlement spending. He’s nearly doubling it.

Trump budget, Social Security
FY2017: $0.946 trillion
FY2027: $1.728 trillion
That’s an 82.7% increase in Social Security in just 10 years.

Trump budget, Medicare
FY2017: $0.593 trillion
FY2027: $1.195 trillion
That’s a 101.5% increase in Medicare in just 10 years.

Trump budget, Medicaid
FY2017: $378 billion
FY2027: $688 billion
That’s a 82.01% increase in Medicaid in just 10 years.

How does that compare to Obama? Just look at Social Security.

Social Security spending under eight years of Obama:
FY2009: $695 billion
FY2017: $946 billion
That’s a 36.12% increase

Social Security spending under eight years of Trump (proposed):
FY2018: $1.005 trillion
FY2025: $1.537 trillion
That’s a 52.9% increase.

Trump isn’t cutting spending.  Trump is increasing Social Security spending even faster than Obama.

Not that it matters. The President’s proposed budget is merely a press release. It’s not policy. It’s not even the basis for policy. The House drafts the budget, and they say they are not using Trump’s proposal in their plan.  Their plan increases spending as well.

The media have been caught lying. Again.

  • Clete Tacker

    This is still part of the massive government problem. SPEND SPEND SPEND with no end. It seems out of fear of being labeled as against the poor the republicans are willing to spend like liberals. When you are reduced to comparing your massive spending to that of Oliar and stating that you are spending and increasing spending faster than Oliar, that is not a good thing. We didn’t vote Trump in office to spend like a drunk liberal, actually just the opposite. Now, if the Trump economy takes off and there are more jobs which equate to more private spending and tax flow then the numbers might work. But with a stagnant economy like Oliar has us in then it just equals more massive debt to service.

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