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Cartoon: A Coup


There is a familiar figure lurking in the shadows directing a sneak attack on the government of the United States. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Jerry

    Obama did more to destroy America than all other previous presidents combined. We lost our position in the World Stage as the leader of freedom. We gave more credibility and dollars to supporting Muslim immigrants and their religious rights than we did to the Christian and Jewish Citizens already living in our country and who helped build it. He had the first Administration with, I believe is the correct figure, at least 13 Muslims in his cabinet. He doubled our debt and we have nothing, absolutely nothing positive to show for it, only chaos. He promoted gays, lesbians, toilet facility rights as our country moved toward socialism and our infrastructure crumbled. If any president should be tried for treason, it should be Obama. He is a Muslim, raised in a Muslim home. HIs father was a Muslim and he was tutored by a Russian socialist in socialism. He took our country to its knees and left this mess for the first business man to become president in modern history to try to fix it and all we get is the socialists in Hollywood and the News Media on his back. WE have become a nation of crying, socialist, hypocrites that should have honored their promises to leave the country if Trump was elected. For our country’s future sake, do so and take the criminal Obama and Hillary and Bill along with you.

  • Kaiser

    If the Republicans, now in Congress, would do what we sent them to do we’d have a great economy but they’re acting more like Democrats than Republicans.

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