Don’t Go Wobbly, Just Ace This Quiz


Sometimes, in the high stakes game of international diplomacy, even a President needs to hear some tough advice.  If you know who gave it to George H.W. Bush at a crucial moment, you can ace this week’s CRN News Quiz.

If you can achieve this monumental feat, you can join this distinguished group who managed to accomplish this august and difficult feat last week and now bask in the internet glory they so richly deserve:

Gerhard Koehlinger Jr, chas butterfield, billsteffen, quiz, corpsbun, Karl Pongracz, Lea, Alan. Webster, deanshuff06, katydid, larry, gh, Katherine, Frank, Kelly L, Frank T, Skye, Loretta T, Casey, REBEKAH, Pray Attension, Rich, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz May 22-May 26 2017

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