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Racists Threats and Stalking Homes and Families Is NOT Thoughtful Policy Debate


Leftism is a bereft ideology.  It is a certain set of ideas and government policies – all of which are horrendous when put into actual

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practice.  It pretends human nature – isn’t human nature.  And tries to reshape it – and the humans it imbues – with the fires and on the anvils of government.

Much of the world spent most of the Twentieth Century trying out Leftism.  It didn’t work – at all.  Not only that, one hundred million people were murdered in the attempt.  Because human nature – is human nature.  And the humans wouldn’t take to the Left’s governmental reshaping.  So these poor humans split and shattered – over, and over, and over again.

Yet we still today have to debate the cataclysmic deficiencies of Leftism.  And still have to fight an uphill battle to prevent its implementation.  What a colossal failing that is of our species.

President Donald Trump became President Donald Trump – in large part because We the People had watched nearly a century of ridiculous, awful, wasteful, uber-failed government expansion.  And had had enough.

Washington, D.C. has become a $4-trillion-per-year massive Fail.  A cronyism-infested, anti-productive Swamp.  Leftism – incarnate.  And We the People want less – of all of it.  Less government, less cronyism, less DC – less Leftism.  Time to Drain the Swamp.

Trump is – piecemeal, in fits and starts – draining.  And of course the Left strenuously objects. But they have no substantive objections – because theirs is not a substantive ideology.  As proven by the entirety of the Twentieth Century – and the one hundred million grudging sacrificial lambs.

So the Left, as always, resorts to stupidity, lies – and brute force intimidation.

To wit: Trump appointed as Chairman of his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Ajit Pai.  Who as an FCC Commissioner during the Barack Obama Administration strenuously, substantively objected to the Obama FCC’s massive government expansion.  And now, as Chairman, is setting about undoing the Obama doing.

And the Left strenuously, un-substantively objects.  Behold the dumbness, the dishonesty – and the dangerousness.


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Got Rickrolled by Net Neutrality Activists: “When I think about stories I’ll tell my grandkids about my days at Free Press, this week’s protest will be among them. I and several other activists disrupted a public Federal Communications Commission meeting using a classic internet meme, the ‘Rickroll,’ in a show of support for the open internet.  We interrupted a speech by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, blasting the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up” over a speaker, while we sang modified lyrics that drew attention to the present threat against Net Neutrality protections.”

That…is not a substantive objection to Pai’s policy prescriptions.  That…is titanically stupid stunt-ing.  And how proud they are of their stupidity.


From Communist-founded Government-Control Proponent Free Press’ Net Neutrality Page: “Net Neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle: It preserves our right to communicate freely online….After a decade-long battle over the future of the internet, the FCC adopted strong Net Neutrality rules based on Title II of the Communications Act….”

Except – Title II Reclassification and Net Neutrality aren’t at all important or necessary.  As these Communists inadvertently admit.  They fought a “decade-long battle” (longer, actually) for this government-overlording.  Which means there were none of the massive regulations they want in place – during that entirety of time.  And the free market rushed to fill-to-overflowing – that government-free void:

“(T)he Internet was classified as an “Information Service” in the 1990s – after which the Web’s inconceivable expansion took place.  And the Web was thus classified – until 2015 (when Obama reclassified to Title II).  To ignore more than two decades of history – so as to freak out about less than two years’ worth – is really, really foolish.”

Indeed it is.  But far worse than the foolishness and the fraudulence – is the Left’s brute force intimidation.

Racist Death Threats Over Net Neutrality Part Of The Left’s New Normal

How very pleasant.  Except, again, there’s nothing new about it.

Net Neutrality Protestors Leave Messages On Doors In FCC Chairman’s Neighborhood

The sharks are circling.

Protesters Take Net Neutrality Issue To FCC Chair’s Home

The sharks are closing in.

‘Net Neutrality’ Activists Taking Photos of the Inside of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Home: “‘They were there yesterday. I understand they’ll be there today. They’ll be there tomorrow and the day after. It’s a hassle, especially for my wife and my two young children,’ Pai said Monday.”

Pai is being inordinately magnanimous.  “A hassle?”  Given the slew of racist death threats he’s received, I would characterize an invasion by these obnoxious people of his home and personal space – and the haranguing of his family – as a whole lot more than merely “a hassle.”

At this point, anyone with an “R” (for Republican) after their name – should qualify for Secret Service protection.

Republicans Fearing for Their Safety as Anger, Threats Mount

Exactly what I’m saying.

All of this – is inane, offensive and savagely treacherous.

None of it – is even remotely close to a logical, reasoned, rational objection.

Pai should implement his less government approach as swiftly – and safely – as possible.

The Left’s objections deserve zero consideration – because they possess zero reason or rationality.

The only thing from the Left to be taken seriously – are their threats to the health and safety of those who stand opposed to their failed, bankrupt ideology.

This is a guest post by Seton Motley Founder and President of Less Government
  • daves

    President Trump is the swamp, fighting ethics disclosures at every turn.

  • Larry L. Skinner

    Daves… unlike obama holder lynch and hillary just to name a few.

  • Howard Brunson

    The problem with conservatives is that you don’t have a objective point of view!!! You only watch Fox News and don’t listen objectively to facts!!! You somehow believe that your ideals and morals are better than other Americans which you don’t agree. I don’t consider you the enemy ( i am a Democrat) . However I am considered liberal scum… and not good for America. What you forget is that i like you are American and care just as much about this country as you do. Donald Trump was a longtime Democrat and friend of the Clinton’s. He became a Republican to exploit your frustration with previous Republican administrations. He has used your values to create division among you and this country. Alternative Fact’s (lies) are not American values

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