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Cartoon: Russia! Russia! Russia!


The liberal media wonders why they are losing influence but the answer lies in their inability to take on the problems real Americans face and instead they mess around with discredited conspiracy theories only they care about. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    First let’s clarify; Cushner trying to establish a back channel with the
    Russians occurred after ( on December 1st, 2016) the Trump Campaign and
    the Election. My Question: Did the Democrat operatives in the White
    House see to it that the media revealed information that might have
    prevented the second Saran Gas Attack? Trump was desperately trying to
    establish a back channel with the Russians to be able to contact Putin
    through Kislyak with Cushner and Flynn Trying to establish a secret way
    to do government negotiations. The media needs to be asking themselves
    if Trump had been successful, would there have been a second Saran Gas
    attack. Their actions may have prevented such negotiations. Let me
    remind you whether or not President Obama knew that he had lied about
    preventing Assad doing another Gas Attack on his own people or not, he
    had a tendency not to tell the truth.

    • Charlie

      Liberals do not care about the truth or about reality. Their only concern is getting their own way, like spoiled children. The damage and pain that their actions cause to others is not only immaterial to them, it is non-existent in their world view.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        I agree, but I was trying to keep from reminding the people that their Democratic National Chair not only has no respect for human life, but he told fellow democrats that none of them should be pro-life and belong to the party. So we can conclude that the only reason they want increased numbers of illegals and Muslims into this country is to increase the number of Democrat voters. They do not care for the protection of the American People. Clearly since the media will not read what the Koran says about unbelievers, Christians, and Jews.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Canada,Canada,Canada may invade the United States, according reliable sources!

  • Charlie

    In case you haven’t noticed, liberals do not live in the same reality as the rest of us. Their reality consists of what they want or how to get what they want when their desires are denied. They only pay attention when the speaker is saying what they want to hear. Truth and reality are alien concepts to them.

  • skipsart

    Butch Madcow !!!

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