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VIDEO: Tarrarush – The Arab Rape Game is being “played” in Europe


WARNING: These videos are horrific.

German officials and police have said that assaults on females that took place in Germany’s Cologne on New Year’s Eve are an actual practice. The so-called ‘rape game’, called Tarrarush, involves gang rape and collective sexual harassment. It originated in Arab countries like Egypt (see 60 Minutes video below). It is a type of sexual harassment in crowds that has certain rules – an inner circle attacks while an outer one distracts people on the streets who might notice the violence. Here we see what’s happening in Europe. You can watch – this video cannot be seen in  Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Malmö, and several other European cities where they really need to know.

This is how a terrible attack unfolded in Egypt for Lara Logan of CBS. It happened suddenly. The Arab Taharrush rape game was in motion, and she was in the spotlight.

Watch as she explains the “Tarrarush Rape Game” on this 60 minutes special. This is a heart-breaking first person account of how a crowd turns into a mob. They called her a Jew, stripped her naked, beat her with sticks, attempted to tear her body apart, and sexually attacked her repeatedly. It is not known whether she was targeted as a journalist or a woman.  

  • Kate

    “Who” – NOT – “that”!
    Learn Grammar!

  • These ANIMALS must be stopped!

  • scott
  • Spunky

    The libs letting it happen – they will watch as they get hurt and think everthing is hunky dory

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Such sick, twisted evil things that could do such a thing to a human being and even laugh while committing such atrocities against humanity. Too bad the special forces fellow was unarmed as he could have saved her from the 25 minutes of brutality, anguish, and pain. These creatures love torturing.
    God bless Lara Logan.

    • Robert

      Why do you not write about it when it happens here with Americans and it has been happening for the last 50 years right here in the USA.

      • So because we have homegrown psychopaths, you want to import more. Dupe.

        • Robert

          Cali Curmudgeon
          I will tell you like I tell everyone, your thinking is along the lines of just because some one in a house goes out and murders someone else then that is a house of murderers and they should all be punished.
          Such narrow thinking is what causes the problems to begin with, not looking at the whole picture just staring at the nudes, never seeing the pretty flowers.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Nice virtue signaling, but when a particular act is prevalent among a particular population, it is common sense to better screen that population. Have a good day, indeed.

          • Robert

            Cali Curmudgeon
            What group has this as standard procedure that we should screen. In 7 years living in Muslim countries I never heard of this being a normal act that was known, and believe me my neighbors were gossips so anything that went on everyone knew about it and a lot that did not happen was also said to have happened.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

      • BonLovesFreedom

        Robert ~ American terrorists attacks are included in my summation posting(s). If you missed it, the most recent were in May & March to my knowledge, but I only use a few sources. Thank God we don’t have more. Too bad there are none to report. President Trump is working on it.
        5/1 U.S.A.-1 man fatally stabbed, 3 others stabbed by a black man at University of Texas, Austin
        3/25 U.S.A.-A man riding double decker bus on Las Vegas Strip pulled a gun and started shooting, 1 person dead and another wounded (lone male-in custody)
        3/25 U.S.A.-Gunman opened fire at Cameo Club in Cincinnati, OH about 1:30 a.m. Sunday killing 1 person, injuring 14 others (lone male-‘at large’)
        3/25 U.S.A.-1 man stabbed to death in New York City because his skin’s black (lone male-caught)

        Thanks for your question, Robert.


        • Robert

          The article was about just the Muslims, every article on this site seems to make a point of making all Muslims or illegals look like that all are the same, it is a hate issue not based on facts, misinformation or twisted information and partly information does nothing to spread the truth it just forments hate which is unjustified in judging all not the persons who did the crime.
          I have been a Republican for over 60+ years and do not know how the party got to the point of supporting hate and spreading rumors with no fact. I always thought we were the party of truth and honor.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • BonLovesFreedom

            Robert ~ The author is responsible for the content of his article. My posting terrorist activities is separate. If you believe “tarrarush” is a lie, that is your choice. Rumor? You may or may not believe it is twisted, non-factual, or misinformation, but your opinion or belief does not make it a falsehood. Islam is a hateful system, Robert. Islamists also play “bachi bazi”, which translates to “child game”…this is where males abduct young boys and sell them to other males for sexual acts. They do not value women’s nor children’s lives. They teach hate from birth and use children as suicide bombers and murderers.
            Agree with you that every muslim is not a horrible person nor a terrorist. However, there are too many in our country to ignore and we must prevent further slaughtering of Americans. Illegals are criminals by coming into the U.S.A. unlawfully and disrespected Americans by doing so, therefore, don’t have much sympathy nor respect for them.

  • Even after this account, the news media (including the interviewer of this piece) will still condemn President Trump for wanting to ban immigration from certain Muslem countries.

  • jerry1944

    Muslummms do have sick minds . The ones that are in that cult believe in very strange things . Evil is the word for there cult

  • Robert

    Everyone seems to want to blame all this on Muslims, this has been going on in the USA for at least 50 years, Girls getting raped right on the street or even at the beach, one crown surrounds and the others do the dirty work, not just Muslims it happens with citizens of the countries it happens in as well, that is why there is no extra attention paid to it when Muslims do it. I know of three cases in the USA where it happened near Military bases and Military persons were involved here in the USA in Texas.

    • muymalo

      You said this before; why repeat it? Besides it is not the same thing.

      • Robert

        Why is it not the same the same horrible crime was committed, just because the author decides to just point out that it was done by a certain ethnic group is cherry picking to make them look like they are the only people doing it.
        It is a horrible thing to happen to anyone but put the blame where it belongs on everyone that does it.

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