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Stupid, evil b*tch crossed the line and it cost her



We’ve all seen the gruesome photo of “comedienne” Kathy Griffin holding the realistic, gory decapitated head of President Trump. We’re not showing it in all it’s bloody detail here. There’s been enough exposure of her vicious, ISIS-like actions. The President has tweeted that his son, Barron is having a hard time dealing with it – and who can be surprised? It’s downright cruel and evil.

The only good thing about it seems to be that America finally agreed where the lowest of the low lies. Even Liberals are appalled. Chelsea Clinton tweeted that the death of a president is never funny. She’s right, for once. Can you imagine what would have happened if someone had done this using Obama’s severed head as the prop? The world’s Left would have exploded. There would have been FBI investigations – maybe an arrest.

At least the free market has responded. Just a month after appointing her as a brand ambassador, Squatty Potty, was quick to dump her. (Apparently promoting a toilet stool wasn’t the lowest she could go.)

Will The Mirage follow their lead and scrap her scheduled performances?

Now all eyes are on CNN. Will they dump her from the prestigious New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York this year? So far they said this:

But is it enough? What do you think should happen to her?

  • Bud William

    Don’t do anything that would put money in her pocket. She needs “Shunning”, just like the Amish. Only much more severely. Hurt her pocket book. DB

  • RT

    When we talk about them, they win. She wanted her name back on social media and now she has accomplished it. There is no longer any ” bad press” and her and others like her get this.

  • Put her in the outhouse and lock the door with a deadbolt


    All of you that are up in arms about this are the ONES that loved seeing various versions of President Obama hung in effigy during his Presidency.

    • Kevin

      I don’t remember that happening to Obama, but I DO remember when some rodeo clown used an Obama mask, and the Left went fu&king ballistic over it! Why, because someone who didn’t like Obama made the statement that he thought Obama was a clown? A lot of people thought he was a lot worse than that. However, I DO remember that sort of thing happening (hanged or burned in effigy, etc.) to Ronald Reagan (his treatment on MTV was particularly horrendous) and George Bush. Yeah, the Left can dish it out, but they certainly can’t take it!!!

    • 1 po’d Patriot

      You people just don’t get it, we lived with a traitor selling out America for 8 years because of the likes of you. You were probably one of the commies who spit at me for serving my country in Vietnam.

      • Kevin

        Thank you, sir, for your service. I was too young to serve in Vietnam (graduated high school, class of ’77), but I had a cousin who served on a river patrol boat – two tours).

        • 1 po’d Patriot

          Thank You

    • 1 po’d Patriot

      BTW stop using the American flag as your icon

    • 1 po’d Patriot

      CNN Reported – “Oct 30, 2008 – Two men have been arrested in connection with an effigy of Sen. Barack Obama that was hung outside a building at the University of Kentucky”

  • Kevin

    We on the Right could play this game too. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to take a “jpg” of an Obama poster, pull it into Microsoft “Paint,” and superimpose concentric circles around his nose. If printed out on 8.5″x11″ paper, each circle would be placed an inch apart, and then numbered. The center would be labeled with an “X” – the next ring out would be numbered “9” – the next ring out would be “8” and so on. Once printed out, this image could be taken to the shooting range… Ooops – that would be considered to be “POOR TASTE,” wouldn’t it? (While the Kenyan imposter was still in the Oval Office, this post would be considered illegal – “threatening the life of the POTUS” or something like that.) Why is Kathy Griffin not visited by the Secret Service, and “made an example of?” She means nothing to me, and she needs to be dealt with. Her actions constitute Treason and Sedition. There was a time in this country when the penalty for Treason was DEATH! (If not, why were the Rosenbergs executed via electric chair?)

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