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No kidding, Sherlock! “The West’s Love of Open Borders is a ‘Suicide Pact’”


ManchesterOne week after the suicide bombing in Manchester that claimed the lives of 23 adults and children, Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald offers a stinging rebuke to those calling for “pledges of renewed diversity” and little else.

Writing in City Journal, Mac Donald says the left’s faith in open borders is impregnable.

“Nothing that an Islamic terrorist can do will ever shake the left-wing commitment to open borders—not mass sexual assaults, not the deliberate slaughter of gays, and not, as in Manchester last week, the killing of young girls. The real threat that radical Islam poses to feminism and gay rights must be disregarded in order to transform the West by Third World immigration.”

Mac Donald seems particularly amused that many are claiming the Manchester attack was unrelated to the United Kingdom’s immigration policies, since the 22-year-old terrorist, Salman Abedi, was a second-generation immigrant, not a first-generation immigrant.

“Defenders of the open-borders status quo inevitably claim that if a terrorist is a second-generation immigrant, like Abedi, immigration policy has nothing to do with his attack. (Abedi’s parents emigrated to Britain from Libya; his immediate family in Manchester lived in the world’s largest Libyan enclave outside Africa itself.) …

The fact that second-generation immigrants are not assimilating into Western culture makes immigration policy more, not less, of a pressing matter. It is absurd to suggest that Abedi picked up his terrorist leanings from reading William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth, rather than from the ideology of radical Islam that has been imported into Britain by mass immigration.”

Mac Donald sounds rather chippy in the article, almost angry. As one reader points out, Mac Donald’s writing in the article is “decidedly more urgent and terse…in contrast to the writer’s usual coolly detached arguments.”

This, I think, reflects the deep divide we see on the politics of immigration (and illegal immigration), as well as a growing constitutional crisis.  

In the United States, many on the right, like Mac Donald, see Islamic terrorism as an immigration problem, one that will only grow worse absent policy changes. On the left, a commitment to multiculturalism and diversity would seem to preclude any effort to curtail immigration (or, for many, to enforce immigration laws).

Mac Donald’s primary target is the left. But I’ll note that many libertarians also hold unwavering faith in the virtue of open borders. In fact, many of my libertarian friends often argue that Congress does not have the authority to restrict immigration. (This view often rankles conservatives.) To open border advocates, cities providing sanctuary to unlawful immigrants is akin to resisting the Fugitive Slave Act.

What does the Constitution and precedent say on the issue?

Section 8 of the Constitution grants Congress the right “to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” However, there is no language that explicitly states the federal government has the right to expel individuals or prevent them from entering the country (though there is of course ample precedent).

But whether or not one thinks these constitutional claims have merit is inconsequential. We live in an age defined by politics rather than the rule of law.

Open border advocates have used the crisis to great effect, normalizing illegal immigration—despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly see it as a threat—and creating havens for those who lack legal status (again, even though Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities).

Whether the West and Islam can actually coexist is an open question, but I suspect they can.

At the same time, while reasonable people can disagree as to what is the proper number of immigrants a nation receives in a given year, one thing seems clear to me: a democratic nation that lacks the right to determine who enters will not be a nation for long.

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  • Robert

    I want any one to explain to me how closed borders will stop a terrorist. The underground in Europe during WWII should prove that. By any other name they were TERRORISTS, we may have called them FREEDOM FIGHTERS by the people who supported the German Government called them Terrorists, the same thing that the British called Americans during the founding of this country, Cowards because wee would not line up and play war by the British rules.
    I do believe that the Manchester bomber was a home grown model. I suppose after we get the Muslims out then it will be the Mormons, and move on down the line to anyone who does not support the beliefs of the person in Power, and we will have to make sure that the person in power is a Christian, being that is what you want for this country, not what the Constitution says, a welcome to all religions and no restrictions to interfere with them.

    • Paul Nickerson

      Are you really that stupid?

      • Robert

        Paul Nickerson
        What is so stupid about my posting all facts not opinions.

  • Lorraine E

    According to government shadow stats web site 24% of Americans are unemployed. Government created unemployment rates are a LIE. We do not have to import muslims or allow illegal aliens to enter our country in order to fill vacant jobs. Politicians want illegal aliens in our country to increase the number of votes for themselves in order to maintain their lucrative positions. The vile corporate media LIE and brain wash uninformed Americans so that they are all on guilt trips if they oppose importing people who have no job skills, cannot speak English and have no intention of ever assimilating to our culture. The corporate media is the voice of the satanic one world government which is hell bent on destroying our republic so that our country can be merged into the new world order. The socialist/communist teachers and professors as well as the teachers union are of the same mindset as the corporate media and they have control of creating the beliefs of impressionable students. Please President Trump eliminate the federal department of indoctrination because it is dumbing down and destroying future generations.
    The primary purpose of our military is supposed to be to protect our borders. Our own illegal alien former president ordered that our borders were to be open to anyone who wanted to enter our country and he even imported thousands of his muslim brothers and moved them all across our country against the will of most Americans. Of course, the LIARS in the evil corporate press were very vocal about attacking Americans who were opposed to BHO’s importation of muslims who will never assimilate to our culture as well as anyone who wanted to enter our country across our open southern border. The corporate press will never report the truth and label Americans who do not want illegal aliens in our country as being uncaring, bigoted, prejudiced, and hateful people who oppose “the good work being done” by their idol, barach barry hussein obama soretoro sabarkah. Anyone who listens to or watches the garbage, trash and LIES from the godless corporate press is subject to their never ending brain washing on all of the major TV and radio stations 24/7.

    • Robert

      Lorraine E
      You do have quite an opinion and you did have one fact near right about the % of people who are unemployed. It is not hard for anyone to figure out the census says how many people of working age there are, and Social Security says how many are collecting Disability, the Dept. of Labor says how many jobs are available in this country and if you work it out there are more people than jobs, the problem being that most Americans can not live on $10 per hour and these immigrants and illegals can live on $5 per hour because they are used to living on about $1.50. Of these 11 million illegals, 4 million own or are buying homes, over 6 million own a business, Just like the man in Hawaii that they are deporting he owns a farm and raises cattle and has done for 28 years, a real threat to society, The poultry processing plants around my area bring in the South of the Border by the train load and send them home after 6 months and bring in another train load, would you like to know why because Americans will not do the work, after the South of the Border persons were brought in production at the factories went up about 35%.
      I do think you should not listen to much to the Conservative site about illegals, an illegal could stump his toe and this site would turn it into a mass murder by all illegals.

      • CMS

        How about some verifiable numbers?
        Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In New York it was 34%, and in Arizona 17.8%.
        During those years, criminal aliens accounted for 38% of murder convictions in the 5 states of
        California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New York. Government census numbers state a figure
        of 5.6% of the total population in those states
        The 38% represents 7,085 murders out of a total of 18,643. Now that you have convicted them,
        you must house, feed, clothe, medicate, lawyer them! How many committed murder and were
        never caught? How about the pain and suffering caused by these murders? How many other
        felonies besides murder?
        The above numbers were compiled by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) using
        official Department of Justice data on criminal aliens in the nation’s correctional system.
        Mexico is a broken country. The cartels run everything. I would think that most of the Mexican government is controlled by the cartels. The murder rate kind of proves that. What kind of
        retardation has a person praying to the patron saint of drug dealers. Mexico is ruled by terror.
        I do not want to see that happen here. I have 2 great grand sons. I would like to see them
        live in a country of law and order.
        The border needs control. Stopping 100% of illegal activity is probably impossible. I think
        90% is doable

        • Robert

          I do not doubt your numbers but when the FBI appeared before Congress in 2015, they stated that the illegals committed less crime than American citizens. I would summize that most of the murders in your figures were from gangs and the person murdered was a gang member also. To judge everyone by what a few do then that is not the right thing to do, we are supposed to judge people by their action not the actions of their families or race or religion. The majority of the illegals add a huge amount to this economy and cause no trouble, over 6 Million own homes and about the same number run small businesses, just like the farmer in Hawaii who is up for deportation own a farm and is a model citizen, I know the ones in a local town that have cleaned up the South side which used to drugs an prostitutes, the mayor likes to take credit for doing it on his tours of the area but he tried for over 10 years to get the drugs out and it only took the illegals about 3 years to clean up the place and turn it into a show place, and the illegals work in the poultry and farming industry, look at Hazeltown PA, it was bankrupt and becoming a ghost town, now with the illegals it has a surplus in the Bank and a thriving community again.
          I do not understand why a country who is in bad financial place would want to get rid of a component who adds over $500 BILLION to the economy, that is the minimum that is added by illegals and in 2106 it is expected to exceed $650 BILLION they added the report will not be out until October 2017.
          Please do not judge a whole basket of fruit because you find a couple of bad pieces in the basket.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • CMS

            What are you saying? The murders committed were OK? OK because the number was less than the grand total? The criminals in those 5 states are 5.7% of the population and
            committed 38% of all murders. I don’t think they were killing each other. In any case, it is
            crime to enter the USA illegally. It is a crime to commit murder. The US economy is $188
            TRILLION. $650 BILLION is meaningless when you consider the burden to the US taxpayers over the years is $TRILLIONS. Your logic is “LAME” !
            Question 1 – Are you actually a legal US citizen?
            Question 2 – Are you employed by George Soros

          • Robert

            Murder is never OK one has to take everything in context with everything else. If these illegals are so horrible then why is it the Police and FGBI are sayin they commit less crime percentage wise than Americans and how come the police refuse to help ICE in getting people deported.
            The whole point every economist has said the illegals cost the Federal and State nothing but add to the economy. The people who want the illegals deported can not prove that the cost the country money, why is that not Trump’s main reason to deport illegals, he would not say that because he would be proven wrong by every economist.
            Why do you not do some indept research some time and find out the economic cost of deporting the illegals and how much it will add to the debt we already have. I think the last estimate was that if the illegals were deported it would cost the USA over 10 Trillion dollars over 25 years.
            I do suppose I am legal have been for over 80 years 26 of it in Government service also been a Republican for over 60 years , but I do not believe in BS to try to get something done, they talk about saving money but yet a few yell about deporting illegals which will cost masses of money and also some want to spend money like a drunk sailor sayin it will make money, when they already know it will only make the stock in the companies they are invested in go up. It has got tot he point where one party is just as bad as the other party maybe in different ways, but not looking out for the common good of this country.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

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