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With Hillary’s wild claims, Democrats now refuse to accept legal results of three presidential elections


Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Democrats wildly speculated that Donald Trump would refuse to accept the results of the election and would spend 2017 blaming his loss on conspiracy theories.

It turns out they were speaking from experience.

In an interview Wednesday, Hillary Clinton expanded her list of people she claims either failed her or conspired against her, this time claiming the Democratic National Committee is to blame for her loss, because they failed to provide her with proper voter data.

She neglected to mention her running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, was recently DNC chairman.

The DNC joins Russia, the media, congressional Republicans and former FBI Director James Comey on the list of those Clinton blames for an election she claims she didn’t lose.

What makes this crazier is the fact in each of the last three presidential elections Democrats have lost, Democrats have publicly claimed they didn’t lose and were the victims of “stolen” elections.

There is no basis whatsoever for their claims.

Al Gore is the best-known example.  He claims he lost the election when the Supreme Court stopped ballot recounting in Florida, handing the state to George W. Bush by about 600 votes.

In reality, the Supreme Court did not “stop” the vote count.  Gore only wanted to count ballots in Democrat-leaning counties.  The Court ruled that under the law, a statewide recount must legally be a uniform recount of all votes statewide and ordered Florida to count all ballots, under a uniform standard.

That effectively ended Gore’s plan to only count ballots he believed would benefit him.  He would later rewrite his own history to claim the Court “stole” the election.

Democrats even claim the 2004 election was “stolen.”  As many grassroots Democrats claimed voting machines in Ohio had been “rigged” by computer hackers (which is impossible,) Democrat California Senator Barbara Boxer and Democrat Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones tried to legally block Ohio from casting its electoral votes, claiming “irregularities.”  They could provide no proof of such “irregularities.”

In 2016 we were told refusing to accept the results of a presidential election was a threat to the very existence of the United States.  After 17 years of Democrats refusing to accept the results of a presidential election maybe they should take their own advice.

  • mike

    Hillary should be prosecuted. And which one of them order the hit on Seth? these people have no moral compass.

  • dochunter


  • BonLovesFreedom

    Hitlery forgot to blame the next door neighbor’s dog. She takes no responsibility for her own incompetence, corruptness or unappealing behavior – always blaming someone else. She is pathetic and needs to find something else to do until she drops dead and leave Americans alone – we are sick and tired of her hypocrisy and projection. Go away, hitlery!

  • CMS

    I would like to see the list of Russian hackers that influenced my vote !

  • Texas Belle

    Is the picture above a real human? How grotesque.

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