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Official who called Flint victims “n****rs” appears to be Democrat donor


The manager of a local government-run bank has resigned after blaming the Flint water crisis on “f**king n**gers not paying their bills.”

Photo credit: Youtube, Truth Against The Machine

A video recording captures Phillip Stair, manager of the Genesee County Land Bank, which manages tax-foreclosed properties, stating “Flint has the same problems as Detroit—fucking ni**ers don’t pay their bills, believe me, I deal with them.”

A liberal activist received a tip Stair was at the bar, where she struck up a conversation with him, which she recorded. The posted recording, 21 minutes in total length, was made on May 26 and released by the liberal blog “Truth Against The Machine.”

The activist had a grudge against the Land Bank, which she blamed for people losing their homes.  She claims to have more recordings of Stair.

Stair has since resigned his position at the government bank. “I feel that I cannot carry out nor be effective in my position at the Land Bank with the social media (recording) of my private opinion on the Flint water crisis and the insensitive language used,” Stair wrote in his resignation letter.

Before working in the county-run bank, Stair worked as a Planning and Zoning Administrator in the nearby Township of Grand Blanc.

This may be a case of liberals purging their own. A review of campaign finance reports and background checks indicates Stair is a long-time Democrat Party supporter.

Michigan campaign finance records note two contributions by a Phillip Stair of Flint, both to Democrats.

One contribution was made in 2004 to then-state representative Lee Gonzles.  The other contribution was made in 2010 to Michigan State Senator Jim Ananich, former​ president of the Flint City Council who blamed the crisis on emergency managers. He is now the senate’s Minority Leader.

The addresses on the donations appear to match past addresses of Stair.

Could this be yet another example of blatant, virulent, racism by Democrats?

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