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Reality L. Winner: 8 Things to Know the NSA Contractor Accused of Spying


Reality Leight Winner is a 25-year-old federal contractor accused of leaking classified information related to the alleged 2016 Russian military intelligence cyberattack.

The DOJ announced the charges against Winner on Monday. She stands accused of “removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet,” according to a federal complaint.

As of Tuesday morning, Winner’s Facebook page was open to the public. Trolls were already hard at work posting memes like this:

Reality Winner meme

Whether Winner is actually a leaker or a traitor remains to be seen. But here are a few things one can learn about her from her Facebook page.

1. She appears to be a workout fanatic

There a literally dozens of workout pictures on her page.

Reality Winner workout fan

2. She appears to be an environmentalist

Reality winner environment

3. Like Edward Snowden, she appears to have a libertarian streak

Reality Winner Drug War

4. She recently visited Belize

REality Winner Belize Trip

5. She loves animals (and watches Doctor Who with her cat)

Reality Winner watching Dr. WHo

6. She does yoga

reality winner yoga

7. Her father died, perhaps recently

Reality winner father

8. She apparently is a Social Justice advocate (or “SJW”)

Reality Winner_Trump

This is only a snapshot of Reality Winner’s life. We really have no idea who she is or where she has been. It may be true that she committed crimes, and if she did she will likely pay a sharp price for doing so.

Given the devastating impact leaks have had on the Trump administration thus far, I suspect Winner will be dealt with stringently.

Some people learn the hard way that there are real consequences for their actions, and their examples serve as a warning to others. (I don’t think you’ll be seeing any college students pulling shenanigans in North Korea again for a longtime, for example.)

Still, I can take little pleasure in a young woman who appears lost going down hard for this–even if it might need to happen.

This is a guest post by Jon Miltimore Senior Editor of Intellectual Takeout.
  • billorights

    Seems like a mixed-up kid, like many on the Left. I pity her.

  • jerry1944

    So is that story suppose to get her shorter time in person . Still should get 25 at least Dems minds donr think about the country only there wants

  • NowYouKnow

    What’s the name of her government contractor employer?
    Have you read “The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell”? Shows how easy it is to do what she did.
    Where’s the boyfriend?

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