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Trump accused of racism by body of UN racists


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President Donald Trump is the target of a new report by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council accusing him of “hateful and xenophobic rhetoric.”

The report comes after UNHRC observers visited the US to monitor the 2016 election.  Their conclusion, made without providing any evidence, was that the US was a deeply racist and hateful nation.

“Racism and the exclusion, persecution and marginalization that come with it, affect the environment for exercising association and assembly rights,” the report states, claiming Trump-led racism poisoned the election results.

The report provides no evidence for its assertions.

The report is also written by some of the world’s most racist nations.

Of the 47 seats on the UNHRC, many are held by the world’s worst dictatorship.

Communist China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba are all dictatorships with seats on the UNHCR.

Despite the claims of American racism in the report, blacks are routinely discriminated against and mistreated by report member Cuba.

“On an island that is around two-thirds black and mixed race, according to a 2007 study by the Cuban economist Esteban Morales Domínguez, the civil and public leadership is about 70 percent white. He also found that most scientists, technicians and university professors, up to 80 percent in some fields, were white,” The New York Times reported in 2016.

“There is definitely still racism here,” baker Alberto González, told the Times. “I see it often, in how people look at me and treat me.”

Fellow UNHRC member Qatar also maintains official racist policies, Georgetown University’s Ben Johnson notes:

(I)t is almost impossible for foreigners to become Qatari citizens: after living here for decades, even white collar workers will never be legally or culturally accepted as Qataris. Qatar has also embarked on a program it calls “Qatarization,” which is designed to increase the percentage of Qatari nationals in the workplace by giving citizens priority over foreigners for job openings (interestingly, the program even has an official website—in both English and Arabic). At the social level, cultural insecurities often manifest themselves in discrimination against the largest group of foreigners in Qatar—South Asians. Although this discrimination begins with the unskilled laborers, in practice highly skilled Asian workers experience discrimination as well, regardless of their professional or socioeconomic status.

In the UNHCR members want to find racism, they don’t even need to leave their desks.

  • jerry1944

    Give me one good reason for us keeping the UN in this country . We need out of the commie UN and not put our tax dollars in it for sure . Pres Trump can you look into getting us out

    • Robert

      If you do some checking you will find there are laws that allow the UN and protect it as well. An Agreement with the five world leaders to form the UN and all signed a pact approved by Congress in 1948. USA, China, France, Great Britain and Russia, designed to become the World Government, controlled by the 5 countries.

      • jerry1944

        There are always those that protect the right s of the crooks When a group changes then get out . The Rep party use to be more conservative , now its full of dems and that party need to die also now just like the UN

  • I remember

    Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

  • Robert

    I do suppose they got it right, when everyone on Trumps cabinet except 2 are confirmed racist, Pence and Sessions being the biggest, right along with the Sec of Education and most of the others.
    Racism or bigotry has no place in this country o religious freedom.

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