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Washington Post Editor: Just Let White Working Class Die in Peace


They have thought it but recently a member of the media elite actually said it out loud.

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Washington Post columnist and editorial board member Jonathan Capehart basically told white working class Americans they are better off dying than trying to fight for their life against a swelling tide of immigration and globalization.

“Economic dislocation and demographic changes are fueling discomfort and desperation among white working-class voters,” wrote WashPo columnist and editorial board member Jonathan Capehart, continuing:

While [university professor and author] Justin Gest says that both Republicans and Democrats have exploited these voters, he sees a way forward.

“The only way of addressing their plight is a form of political hospice care,” [Gest] said. “These are communities that are on the paths to death. And the question is: How can we make that as comfortable as possible?”

Professor Gest made no bones about his views of white working class citizens: they are a dying breed who are simply too dumb to understand that they need immigrants to revitalize they communities.

Declining towns need immigrants to reinvigorate their markets, take on unwanted labor positions, and add youth to aging demographies. Once these communities understood the benefits immigrants bring and were consulted about the terms of their integration, they would feel more comfortable with their arrival.

Capehart and Gest are both well aware of their rabid anti-white working class prejudice:

“It has become okay [among Democrats] to become classist against poor white people and the [white voters] see it,” said Gest.

The party’s coalition includes environmentalists, lawyers, Latinos, hippies, and electric-car drivers, Gest said, adding “there are many people in there who like the privileged status that the Democratic Party gives to certain ethnic groups.” For the party to welcome the white working class, he added, it would be “cheapening” the privileges given to others.

In other words, the Left doesn’t want to demean itself by appealing to people who do not meet their standards of virtue signaling.

So instead of appealing to them in any meaningful way, Gest suggests political suicide:

For many white working class people, and this is going to be controversial, for many white working class people, not all of them but many, you have a community of people who are advanced in age, whose skill set is for a different economy, who are living in communities that are losing population, losing resources, and so in many ways, the only way of addressing their plight is a form of political hospice care. These are communities that are on the paths to death, and the question is how can we make that as comfortable as possible …

A white working class voter offered this defense of her community:

Education can’t be the only answer for Americans if the U.S. labor market is also being flooded with cheap foreign workers, said a highly skilled worker contacted by Breitbart. “I know you don’t know me from a can of paint, but I had to throw in my 2 cents in your article about the WashPo editor,” said the woman, who tunes and operates computer-controlled machine tools in Cincinnati, Ohio. She continued:

I work in manufacturing. I have a high school diploma and a so-called associate degree from Wyotech that currently has as much worth to me as toilet paper (and it’s just as disposable). I am a [Computer Numeric Control] Machinist. I set up, tool, program, and operate CNC mills and lathes to make precision parts out of Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene, that nonstick stuff on your frying pan) and can hold tolerances to +/- 0.0002″. So I’m wondering, since I am working in a field of a bygone economic era, how dumb do they think I really am that I need “more” education? What is more education going to do for me? So I can sit around and be a great do-nothing thinker as a white (non) working class individual? What is the threshold of intellectual satiation? How many degrees do we need to be indebted to the federal government before they deem the white working middle class smart enough to associate with people like THAT?

I have a hard time understanding how someone like Gest or Capehart can look down their noses at someone like me because I don’t share their desire for overpriced toilet paper. Could either of them program a machine to cut an arc into a piece of material? No, but I can. Could either of them change their oil, replace their brakes, or change their front differential fluid? (I’d be surprised if they knew where the dipstick is to even check it.) No, but I can. I’m a 35-year-old, white working class woman that could outsmart them on a common sense basis and on a highly technical basis, and somehow I am the one that needs more education?

People like that think that “working class white voters” is a descriptor of who we are as a socioeconomic group, with a dash of race and political functionality. “Working class (white) voters” are machinists, assemblers, machine operators, mechanics, nurse’s aides, waitresses, small retail store managers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, and all the jobs that they wouldn’t dare do themselves, being so much smarter than the rest of us (doubtful they know which end of a wrench to use).

Being a “working class white voter” does not make us inferior or intellectually stunted so much that we need to be (re)educated in liberally biased schools of doublespeak and thoughtlessness. All we want to do is work a good job that does present a modest challenge, that does feel rewarding, keeps the lights on and our bellies full and after all of that, we just want to come home, drink some beers, pet the dog and enjoy the sunset in our small suburban slice of heaven. For us, that is what life is all about. We don’t care about revolutions, microaggressions, or how many physical and economic descriptors we can apply to a sub group of a sub group of a sub group. People like Gest and Capehart are more important to themselves, like Narcissus was to his reflection; eventually, they will drown in their obsession. And when they do, they’re still gonna be at the counter of a Mom and Pop shop asking some “white working class voter” with grease on his or her face “What’s wrong with my Prius?”

  • scott

    hahaha you dumb liberal n-gg-r loving dont have a clue of how weak and worthless you are against the white man that created will die very quickly and enjoyable for us to rid our country of you parasite scum that has infected it.

    • Robert

      I do think you need a history lesson, any one knows it was the Black Slaves who made this nation commercially, not the White man who has been holding them back ever since because he thinks he is superior to all other races.
      I do suppose you enjoy being a WHITE Supremeist , must make you feel great. I think it is pretty well established that the human race started in Africa and the only whites in Africa are from the Colonial rule that was there for centuries, so I suppose we all came from a black race of persons.

      • scott

        you dumb dik lazy dumb n-gg-rs are to stupid to work,just as today.thats why your dumb lazy as- had to be whipped to work.and being less than 1% of the population at the sure werent the ones building anything sh-t for brains.go back to sucking dik liberal moron.

        • Robert

          I am glad you have so much education but history does prove you wrong, the history of this nation says the slaves were the back bone of the economy, and contrary to your opinion not many of the slaves were beaten like you portray in you blog, there were instances where the overseer was killed by the owner for abusing the slaves, the slaves were w big investment, just think $1000 dollars for a good slave in 1729, for another hundred dollars you could have bought a trading ship, If the slaves were so lazy then how come they were in demand and cost a lot of money, they were an investment and person then or now do not destroy their investments. There is also a fact you probably did not know in 1774 there were more white slaves in this country than there were black slaves.
          You seem to be fascinated with sexual activity, or is that the only language you know from 2nd grade.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Frank W Brown

            STILL full of total CRAP!!!

  • ch2801

    I’m with you lady. He couldn’t do the work you have done or I have done as a landlord (all repairs but electrical), farmers wife and odd jobs. Car upkeep I didn’t get lesson on, it was passed on to the children.
    Why do not “the elite” know the difference between legal and illegal?

  • mike

    The piece from the WPO is Washington bubble BS. They do not to seem to understand that the White worker they are putting in the ground, is not just white. But consist of a mixture of many races. These” White” workers are citizens, born here or that have earned their right by following the immigration laws. The working American consist of a large portion of the population. The portion that will not kneel down for the elite’s bullet in the back of the head.
    The CNC tech. is 100% correct in her rebuttal. In all aspects. Somehow I do not see her Kneeling for her bullet.

    • Robert

      The only thing keeping what industry we have here is the immigrants and illegals. I know of at least three instances where the company was about to go under, because they could not make a profit, then it was decided to use the immigrant labor and production went up 35% in the poultry factory, and at the construction site the houses were finished about 20 to 30 days sooner and just as good, The lawn care business the gentleman hired American’s he wanted to leave the yard art 0700, most showed up at a few minutes before 7 and wanted to finish their cigarette or coffee, and at quitting time they were sitting in the truck ready to go home 15 min before quitting time, now he hires what he calls South of the Border person and they are in the loaded truck ready to go at 10 min of 0700, and at quitting time he says he has to pry them off the job, he has got so much more done that they all got raised to $12 per hour.
      I think from my own experience running my company for over 20 years Americans on the most part are very poor workers, they do not want to work so hard as to be to tired to go somewhere when the get off work. The majority have made the bed for the rest.

      • Frank W Brown

        Full of total CRAP much???, IDIOT!

  • Robert

    This article hits the nail squarely on the head. If white American workers would work like immigrants or illegals there would be no jobs for illegals or immigrants, Americans chose their path and are now paying for it.
    The USA became a industrial giant because in the 1900s we had lots of immigrants and no industry so industry moved from Europe who was the manufacturing giant to the cheap labor of the USA, then people wanted protection from slave practices that industry used and we formed union and got laws passed to protect the worker, then the workers wanted more money, and no matter where you live the cost of living is in line with the amount you make, high income area high cost to live there so increasing wages proves nothing and you are still in the same financial boat. This is what made the price of labor go up and everything else followed called inflation. Now the companies have moved again to cheap labor so they can be competitive in the world market. Why would industry come back to the USA when that $20 an hour job can be had for about $4.50 or less making them competitive in the world market, look at the amount of products sold in the USA which are foreign made because they are cheaper. You can believe it or not but the internet hooks you up with companies all over the world. GM sold more cars in China last year than they did here, now why would they want to give up all that business.
    If Trump puts a big import tax on the products, it will not be the company who pays it, it will be the US consumer who will buy the same product from some country we have a trade agreement with and cheaper.
    Wake up and smell the roses the country is changing for good or bad I do not know at this point but the changes are most likely permanent, so we might as well get used to them to some degree.

    • Frank W Brown

      You have a VERY BAD DAY as an IDIOT!


    Sounds RACIST to me!!!!!!!

    If THAT was said about the black race they would be SCREAMING RACISM from the rooftops and EVERYWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!

    Also sounds like HATE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken Bingham

    The people he is dismissing and wishing death upon are the people who pay welfare and fund the government.

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