Even an Internet Billionaire Can’t Buy the Answers to This Week’s Quiz


Filthy rich internet billionaires throwing around ideas about how to spend other people’s money headline this week’s Quiz.

And while it would be tempting, not even their billions can buy their way onto the list of supersmart and committed patriots who grace the list of perfect scorers on last week’s CRN News Quiz:

CGBritt, magicwolflady, quiz3, mine, Frank F., dont know, chas butterfield, leppymac, BOB099, EJ Fox, Fred W, Ms. Deplorable, BonLovesFreedom, gh, Rich, Suzy Q, robert stigler, Carolyn, RitaT, Christian Crusader, leppymac, Randy, Karl Pongracz, boomer56, CGBritt, Gordon G, APO 175, atccccx, Victoria davis, quiz11, sharon, Carolyn Burkleo, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz June 5-June 9 2017

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