“My Hometown is Gone” – How an upstate NY town was given over to refugees


This article is heart breaking. I’m sure that many social justice warriors would disagree, on the grounds I’m being racist or anti-multi-cultural or whatever BS they can come up with to stoke the fires of their perpetual indignation but this story really made me think. When did the original residents get consulted before importing so many people from alien cultures?

Self-reliance is about more than prepping for a storm, it’s about prepping for whatever life can through at you. And we need to be ready for everything, including the occupation of of homes. 

In this article, “My Hometown is Gone,” Loretta Brady, who describes herself as a Christian, American, Gen-X, Stayhome Mom, Attorney was raised in Utica, NY. She left for a while and returned. Her childhood was spent in the American Dream, a large Catholic family playing across yards with other families. Her family went “way back” and had been stalwarts of the community.
(William P. Cannon/Utica Observer-Dispatch) CC BY-ND 2.0

Go here and read her whole story. See how she couldn’t get food stamps but the refugees could, see how housing went first to refugees, see how these groups would not integrate with the community. And read how Loretta wept when she moved to North Carolina and went to a Walmart full of — Americans.

This story of how a faded town is being sold out in order to fulfill the Liberal ambition of destroying Western civilization, and change America for ever will really make you think.

Please leave a Comment if you have personal experience of a town like this.

  • scott
  • Robert

    You tell one side of the story but you seem to neglect the whole story, the immigrants were there because the locals had left because there was nothing there to support them, then the immigrants moved in and restarted the town, making it a very prosperous town, the reason the Muslims are in control of everything is because they are the majority there now. What were they supposed to do bring Christians in to run the town, this is not a Christian country it is a freedom of religion country since its founding. The Methodist Church was abandoned now it has been restored and is a Mosque.
    Quit being one sided it just makes you look bad, be a true Republican be truthful and honest even if the situation is not what you like.

    • Austin L. John

      Our laws accommodate all religions as long as they adhere to the rule of law of the nation; not the laws of the religion. The previous administration neglected to take this into account when selecting where to settle these people and purposely selected distressed communities for the purpose of causing strife and promoting a “One world order agenda” by establishing pockets of other cultures bent on destroying our way of life, culture and existence, knowing they would not assimilate.

    • ourzoo10

      FOOL….This country was founded upon Christian values..Stop lying and making stuff up so you can feel smug…better hope you or your family are not victims of this scum.

      • Robert

        I do not remember that in the Constitution anywhere, if you can point it out please do, I only had 3 years of Constitutional law and I could have missed it. The fact is that the Constitution brought Christianity under control and stopped them from killing and torturing the non believers. The Constitution was written by those that disliked christianity except for 9 for them.
        A copy of Jefferson’s bible is on display in the museum and if you go see it you will see that he has cut every passage out that says anything about Jesus.

        The second thing is that in 1850 the same argument was put forward about the Irish Invasion.
        Do not believe something some one tell or prints go look up the facts for your self.
        Education and History are an excellent combination.

        • ourzoo10

          Then maybe you would like to explain the “in God We Trust” printed on our paper money and on the roof of the Washington sure doesn’t say ‘in allah we trust’. Our founders wanted freedom to worship as each of us saw fit, so to do that they needed to keep the gov’t separate from a ‘particular’ religion (very different from European countries at the time). That is the main reason Islam is not welcome in America. Islam is a government, not a religion. Oh, and by the way..I was educated BEFORE the Communists in this country took over education…So, of course my facts would be different from yours.

          • Robert

            I do not know how to break it to you gently but nearly all religions believe in GOD, the founders believed ion GOD but they were not Christians, Jesus like allah is not GOD, they are both considered prophets.
            It is only a few that keep saying Islam is not a religion it is recognized world wide as a religion and in the USA it is listed under religions.
            Muslims have always been welcome until a few radical Christians started the BS about them, I live in Muslim countries for about 7 years working for the USA government on how the Muslim world lived and thought, most Muslims are no different than most Americans, they could care less about religion they just want a good job and a place to raise their children. When Hussein was in charge of Iraq he kept the radicals under control or killed them, but Bush had to have that oil and turned the radicals loose.
            Apparently you did not read what Thomas Jefferson the writer of the Constitution had to say about Christianity, if you had you would know that he would never have supported Christianity.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • ourzoo10

            So you like the muslim “religion”?..well then maybe you should go live with them..and their Barbaric practices of FGM and treating women worse than dogs…Sounds as if you would fit right in.
            In the US of A, there is no room for Islam, yet it seems to be creeping in anyway….taking in whole cities…enforcing Sharia Law, which is INCOMPATIBLE with our Constitution and our God-Given rights. Those who believe in Sharia and Islam (which is not a religion but a form of government) need to go back to the sand boxes they came from..all they will do is turn our beautiful country into a third-world sand box of inbred idiocy.

          • Robert

            The first thing is you know nothing about the Muslims except what you are told. If you had lived in the Muslim countries like 1000s of Christian do then you would have a different out look, the Christians who live and work in Muslim countries have no problems with the Muslims except the Radicals. I do think Muslims have been living in this country for before it was a country why have they not attempted to change some of the thing here. The Sharia Law that most Muslims adhere to is no different than what the Catholics used to do to take care of their own, family disputes and debts between Muslims, Muslim countries have courts just like we do in the USA if you had watched te trials of Egypt’s former president you would know that. The Radicals practice the brutal law which is not the Koran that most Muslims use. Hating someone because of unfounded rumors is a disservice to the person who is doing the hating.
            you are espousing the same thing that was said in 1850 about the Irish coming here. Pure ignorance.
            Education would be of some assistance to you.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • ourzoo10

            Education would be of some assistance to you, also..if you were to realize that the Radical Muslims are the ones doing all of the damage and instilling their ways on others. You cannot beat them by using sympathy, as the liberals in this country are doing….I took a class of Islam in college, I know what they are about..the Koran is a disgusting book. The Crusades have been gone for decades, yet the Radical muslims have still practiced their ways for 1400 years…They have not benefitted anyone, least of all themselves. They (the radicals) have taken over the muslim “religion”, have been inbreeding for the past 1400 years, have been practicing their Barbaric ways and evidently the Left Wing Loons of the world think that “as long as we play nice with them they will be nice to us”.
            Let’s just see how that plays out when they get involved with the LGBTQ part of our population…The Bible says to turn the other cheek..but when dealing with this bunch..a loaded gun would be more useful.

          • Robert

            You are always lumping everyone into one basket, The Radicals have not hijacked the Muslim religion, the average everyday Muslim is scared to death of the Radicals why do you think they want to get out of the country. I am sure from your response you took your course at a Christian education facility. No other place I know teacheds the Islamic that way. The problem can not be fixed by murdering them because just like Vietnam for everyone you killed you created 2 more, the only solution is a political solution I do not know how a political solution would work but that is the only way. Trying to get rid of the Radical Muslims is like trying to get rid of the Christian or Jewish faith, it is a faith not a military front that can be destroyed and every time we kill one then the family of the one killed are more determined to make those pay that killed their father.
            How re the Muslims more inbred than Christian,s according to your Bible all of those in the world came from two people Adam and Eve, and they had two sons now where did their wives come from if Adam and Eve were the first and only people
            Maybe that is why I am a Deist, what any other person does is no concern of mine if they do me no harm or my country no harm. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time and will be around when the world ends.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • ourzoo10

            I got my information from a Nigerian who was in this country as a College professor..He knew what he was talking about, contrary to you bloviating FOOL

  • Lourdes Mulligan

    This was Obama’s intention all along. It is up to us as Americans to preserve our culture but it is what liberals refuse to do with their feel-good-accept-all attitude. I’m just glad I am old and wont live to see what this nation will become if this next generation doesn’t change attitudes. Be careful what you ask for.

  • Robert

    Neither the Irish nor the Germans who immigrated in the 1850’s believed that they had a religious duty to kill everyone who wasn’t an adherent of their religion, as Islamic FUNDAMENTALISTS (not “radicals”) believe.

    As for Adam and Chawah (her actual name – Eve is the name of a pagan goddess) being the first two humans, not quite – they were the first two WITH A SPIRITUAL CAPACITY. The rest of the world still had humans roaming about, but without the spiritual capacity. (Why would Cain have said that those who found out that he had killed his brother Abel would kill him, if his parents were the only other humans on Earth at that time? And why would Yahowah (a.k.a. God) have found it necessary to put a mark on Cain and declared that anyone who killed Cain, He would avenge sevenfold?)

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