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50,000 Ask Bernie Sanders to Apologize for Attack on Trump Nominee’s Faith


Over 50,000 individuals so far have signed an online petition asking Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to apologize for his public attack on the Christian beliefs of President Donald Trump’s nominee for a post in the Office of Management and Budget.

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC by SA 2.0

Sanders “responded in anger after Russell Vought, President Trump’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, answered a question about his belief that salvation is found alone through Jesus Christ,”  the petition drafted by the Family Research Council, a Washington-based conservative policy organization, reads.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, told The Daily Signal in an interview Tuesday that Sanders’ comments during Vought’s hearing June 7 before the Senate Budget Committee showed intolerance to religious freedom.

“I think what we saw from Bernie Sanders last week was just a blatant display of religious bigotry and intolerance,” Perkins said.

Sanders’ behavior, he said, is offensive to Americans of all backgrounds.

“The American people, whether or not they are people of faith, should just say, ‘He absolutely crossed the line, it should not be tolerated, and someone in his position imposing such a reverse or religious test … should not be accepted,” Perkins said.

The online petition drive, launched June 8, asks Sanders to apologize for the comments he made to Vought about his belief in the Christian doctrine of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

The petition continues:

By signing this petition, you are asking Senator Sanders to apologize for his bigotry and asking his Senate colleagues to immediately pledge that they will not oppose nominees on the basis of their religious views.

The exchange between Sanders and Vought occurred when the senator questioned the OMB nominee about an article Vought wrote on Muslim theology.

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“You wrote, ‘Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ, His Son, and they stand condemned.’ Do you believe that that statement is Islamophobic?” Sanders asked.

Vought, 41, responded:

Absolutely not, Senator. I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith. That post, as I stated in the questionnaire to this committee, was to defend my alma mater, Wheaton College, a Christian school that has a statement of faith that includes the centrality of Jesus Christ for salvation.

Sanders, 75, cut off Vought at that point, and later said he “is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.”

It is disturbing that Sanders’ behavior has not seen widespread coverage from long-established media outlets, Perkins told The Daily Signal:

If a conservative did such a thing, the mainstream media would be all over it. But because it is a conservative, evangelical Christian who is being targeted by Sanders, the mainstream media is basically ignoring it. And it shows Sanders’ comfortability, the fact that he felt he could do this in a public hearing in the United States Senate.

>>> Sanders’ Religious Test Goes Against Founders’ Vision

Sanders lost the Democratic nomination for president to Hillary Clinton but remains a leader of the party’s far-left wing. He was raised in the Jewish faith but has described himself as not particularly religious.

“The left has become so emboldened in their religious hostility in the wake of [President Barack] Obama’s administration, and they have the cover of the media,” Perkins said, adding:

This shows the American people how tenuous these freedoms are—our fundamental freedoms, religious freedom, freedom of speech—and that we absolutely must send a message that this will not be tolerated.

This is a guest post by Rachel del Guidice a reporter for The Daily Signal.
  • RightVote

    Bernie SANDERS believes in the 7 DEADLY SINS…………Isn’t that obvious ?

  • Robert

    Any one who brings a specific religious belief into Government has no place there, the reason being their religious preference will be discrimatory, against others. A persons religious beliefs have no place in this Government and i do think that the founders said that in the many arguments during the founding of this country.
    Yet there are some that still believe that the founders wanted Christianity in Government.
    50,000 signatures out of how many million persons, get used to it, I am a life long Republican over 60 years of my 80+ years, and I believe just like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, that religion or persons who make decisions based on religion have no place in Government. Government is to be kept entirely out of Government.
    All religions have a right to practice freely in this country without interference from anyone.

    • cccarr

      everyone has a specific religious or non religious belief. to begin with vought should not have been asked the question. sanders is way too enamoured with himself right now…needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

      • Robert

        Those that bring their religious beliefs into their Government work are violating the Constitution and going against what the founders wanted for this country.


          Good luck finding anyone that does or does not have personal views on religion. Whether or not you like it, it is there. Persecution because of any faith is wrong. It is wrong for ANY group to attack another in the name of their beliefs. But, it is human nature. How do you propose to change human nature?

          Our nation was founded on Christian principals. British common law. Pilgrims fled England to get away from the monarchy’s persecution (persecution varies in all ways, not just death) Government officials are sworn in on bibles. Our beloved military has taken some of the biggest hits to the members. Padre’s ordered NOT to teach. Threatened for their beliefs. Soldiers told to shut up or face penalties up to and including a summary court marshal. We send our people to fight in foreign lands and tell them that they CANNOT openly pray while in country. Do NOT show, display or talk about Christianity when in country. Do NOT leave religious material laying around. Is that not a form of persecution?

          I am not a “church goer” by any means. It does NOT mean that I do not hold my religion and beliefs dearly. I do not press them on others. I have items in my house and in my truck. Around my neck. Does this mean that I would be disqualified from running for and holding any public office? If you believe so, then you re wrong. And to let you know, I will NOT accept the Islamization of our nation. The Quran and especially Shariah Law are not only against Christian practices, implementation of ANY foreign laws is against our Constitution. Foreign laws are being weaseled into our courts by the socialist/liberal/communist judges. Aren’t Shariah laws religious by definition? According to Islam they are!

          A Texas judge has ORDERED the county Sheriff NOT to comply with federal law on the issue of illegal aliens. The judge has taken it upon himself to issue a writ saying that the “illegal boarder crossers” haven’t done anything illegal. And, if they are picked up for something else, that invading our country illegally does not count as one of the laws broken. But since he is a leftist judge, nothing will happen to him, even though he is going against FEDERAL LAW which applies through out the land! IS THAT not an illegal interpretation of the law? Where did he get his bias from? He was sworn in to protect the citizens and his country first and foremost. Why is he allowed to do it? Because it fits the liberal agenda. THAT is the biggest battle we are currently waging. Not all of this mainstream media/liberal manufactured PC BS…

          In the short of it, you will NEVER get peoples beliefs totally separate from ANY governmental position. Just ask BHO where his favor was while occupying office!? And the left had absolutely nothing bad to say about it. But, have a Christian be questioned “Inquisition style” and be verbally reprimanded while applying for a government job, by a left wing socialist nutcase like Sanders and all bets are off the table. Why is THAT acceptable? Why is THAT allowed?

          • Robert

            Let me begin by saying I am also Military retired after 26 years as a Col.
            A person is free to believe what they want to believe, but when their belief interfers with other person being or rights then that is where the wrong is. Those Pilgrims who fled Europe to get away from Religious persecution found out when they got to this country the same and sometimes worse was here waiting for them, that is one of the reason we have religious restrictions in the Constitution, it was put there to stop the killing, whipping and other horrible things that happened to the people who were said not to be following the Bible. http://www.worldfuturefund.org/wffmaster/Reading/Religion/Jefferson.htm
            I spent almost 7 years in the same area where we are fighting now as an intelligence officer, I lived in the communities and other lived in the same community, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Budists and no one had any problems except from the radical element and they picked on the Muslims not on the other religions, I have no Bible I am Deist and have had dealings with all the different religions while in the military and had trouble with only one, a person who would tell you in a heart beat that you were going to hell if you did not pray to Jesus, He did not last long the Chaplin is the one who caused his discharge.
            If anyone brings their religion into a Government office and runs their job by that religion then they are in Violation of the Constitution which says that the Government will not show support for any religion, and if an employee is refusing to do their job on religious grounds they are in violation.
            When only 29% of the population say they are into religion I would think there are many person who can do the job with out their religion interfering in it. You can condemn all the judges decisions but very decision they make has to be justified in writing listing the presedence they used for their decision, so that is in line with the laws of this country, they do not make decision off the top of their heads they are forced by law to justify every decision they make, that is why they sometimes get over ruled by a higher court saying they do n ot believe that part of the law applied, but his has not happened yet with Trump.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

    • disigny

      Robert: Anyone at all might “bring a specific religious belief ” with him/her. So what?! According to your requirements, almost NO ONE might be found who does not have some sort of belief, leaving government services very short staffed. Would “Atheists” qualify? After all, THEIR beliefs are very much concerned with “religion”.

      • Robert

        A very good example is the person in North Carolina who refused to issue gay marriage license when it was the law and it was hr job to issue them but she refused. If the person can not do the job open mined then they should not have the job give it to someone who will do the job,
        When any Government person starts making decision based on their religious belief they are violating the Constitution.

    • Robert Pekarik

      But it’s alright with you that the liberal progressives have established a religion within our government? Secularism is the religion of people like Sanders and the rest. The unelected judges and government officials have been applying their secular religious beliefs for decades on we the people. Wake up Robert and observe what is going on. Don’t hand us your flawed reasoning, we the people want the truth and are tired of the snakes inhabiting the swamp that use, abuse and distort our Constitution to adhere to their anti-American agenda.

      • Robert

        Robert Pekarik
        Please inform me on this religion in Government, I do read everything I can get my hands on and I see no religion in Government except what the Christians have tried to force on others.
        The truth is that no religion is allowed in the Government and the constitution says that as well as the Federalist Papers and the letters of the founders and their own diaries they kept, Thomas Jefferson cut every passage that referred to Jesus out of the Bible in the residence where he lived, Ben Franklin was a strong believer of no religion in Government, Ben Franklin 1774 ‘ RELIGION BELONGS IN THE TEMPLE AND IN THE HEARTS OF THE BELIEVER, BUT NEVER IN GOVERNMENT.”
        What is my flawed reasoning.

        • Robert Pekarik

          You obviously have a very limited library, mostly composed of leftist propaganda materials. The far left liberal progressives have succeeded in brainwashing the public that their true savior and entity that they owe their lives to is the government. They are making dogma every day on how we are supposed to think and believe. They have fundamentally transformed marriage, gender, worship and our Constitution to fit their religious agenda which they are using to force on the daily life of we the people. You can’t be that naive?????

          • Robert

            Robert Pekarik
            I do not think the internet is to limited because I access the Library of Congress for information. I do suppose that you think the Supreme Court is wrong on its rulings as to what the Constitution says and means with all their rulings against the Religious right.
            I do think the Founders in their papers and letters and diaries explained in detail that they did not want any laws in the Government based on any religion, and Thomas Jefferson personally cut every mention of Jesus and any thig he did out of his Bible better known today as the Jefferson Bible.
            It does seem you limited ability to accept that is where the problem arises, the same way that ISS in Middle East try to push things in religion which are proven by the Church to be not the intent of the Koran only their opinion of it. Radicalism runs in every religion, maybe not violent Radicalism but when anyone tries to get laws passed to make other follow what they believe is the right way to live that is radicalism. Just follow Franklin’ and Jefferson’s s advice and this would be a great world .
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Robert Pekarik

            You hang your hat on the fundamental transformation of America where liberal progressive judges appointed by the corrupt to the core and anti-Constitutional Obama administration have made up their own rulings to fit the progressive agendas that they want to force on all Americans. You need to point out just 1 incident of violence that Jesus Christ encouraged in the New Testament. I’ll be waiting for the rest of my life to hear from you. Christ came to fulfill the law and his fulfillment consisted of his dying for all of humanity to once and for all prove that love is the way, the truth and the life for every human being to live by. But again as Jesus so eloquently pointed out, you believe the evidence of corrupt and sinful people and ignore the evidence that Christ put forth during his time on earth. Franklin and Jefferson believed in God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. They knew then as we believers know now that Satan and his willing followers are prowling around like lions in order to remove any and every sign of faith on the earth and the current crop of liberal progressive judges, politicians, main stream media people and hollywood elitists have willingly signed on to his agenda.

          • Robert

            Robert Pekarik
            These as you call them Liberal Progressive Judges are not making law they are following the law and the Constitution of this country. You are sounding on ears that know better than what you say, I was raised in the Methodist faith, but after studying history and attending open theology courses in college I decided to become Deist the same as all but 9 of the founders of this country were, the part of the Constitution that restricts religion was done to stop the so called Christians in the North East from killing, whipping, and other severe punishments for not conforming.
            Religion has no place in Government and our Constitution says that.
            Just a note: I read the same thing in my Grandmothers diary that she kept on the voyage from Europe in the 1600s, my other grandmothers also wrote the same thing in their bibles and under lined the phrases.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Robert Pekarik

            Just like Obama with his social experiments and his many un-Constitutional executive orders these appointed anarchists have made their own interpretation of their rulings and once they get to the Supreme Court they will all be overturned. 12 times and possible more the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the liar-in-chief as he continually took the law into his own hands. Your agenda of removing God from all aspects of government has brought us to this point in our nation where there is no moral guidance to stop the evil that is being perpetrated by the democrats, the main stream media and the global power hungry billionaires and millionaires to destroy our nation. The only reason the President Trump was elected was that we still have God fearing citizens in our nation that will not allow the perverted, immoral and evil people to destroy our One Nation Under God. You are just another naive useful idiot that the left has convinced to stop thinking for themselves and bow at the alter of hate, rage and lies.

          • Robert

            Robert Pekarik
            I do not know how to break this to you but the only survival tool we have is Democratic Socialism just like nearly all the rest of the Industrialized world, after they have lost the major manufacturing jobs.
            Now some fact checking would show that the Supreme Court only overturned 4 of Obama’s EO the other were decisions on cases brought about Bushes EOs the the Obama Administrations defended. http://www.factcheck.org/2014/07/obama-and-executive-overreach/
            Why do you think only Christians can make decisions that are moral and now it boils down to what is moral or immoral, that is a personal decision. When you push your beliefs onto someone else then that is not morality and it should be illegal. persons should have a right to live their own lives in the way they want to I do think that is what the Constitution says unless most of the persons I leaned from are wrong.
            As Ben Franklin said that Religion belongs in the temple and in the hearts of the believer but never in Government. Research the private lives of the founders and see if they believed in Christian morals or live them.
            The nation is no different than it was when it was founded and it wil not be any different under Trump, abortion, gay persons and all the other stuff you consider immoral have been around since to beginning and are not going to go away because you make laws making them illegal, because then you are violating the Constitution.
            I spent a lot of years in law school to be so stupid, and naive, you seem to think that because the word GOD is in our legal papers that makes Christianity our country’s religion, most religions believe in GOD, and it is the prophets that are the big dispute, whether they are Jesus, or Mohammad, or many others. I am like the founders of this country Deist and do not believe in Christ, Mohammad or any of the other prophets, but do believe in GOD.
            HAVE# A GOOD DAY

          • Robert Pekarik

            With your explanation every person should have the personal decision to decide what is moral and immoral without the commandments that separate good from evil. In your warped opinion every terrorist that makes a personal decision to kill people is a right to live his/her/their lives in the way they want to even thought it affects others. Every drunk that gets behind the wheel of a car has the right to get behind the wheel because that is his/her personal decision even thought it affects others. Every person that aborts a child for selfish reasons, in order to avoid responsibility, has the right to make personal decisions even thought it affects others.
            You demean the God who gave us rules (commandments) to live by in order to teach us what it means to live in peace and harmony. You refuse to see the carnage and damage that removing God from our nation has caused. You have forfeited your conscience and have given your life over to secular humanism that has no future except death and destruction.
            I can guarantee you that Mr. Franklin and the rest of our founding fathers would be horrified to see how the so called enlightened secularists, atheists and haters of God have twisted and destroyed their brilliant work.

          • Robert

            Robert Pekarik
            In most of the things you mentioned every state and the Federal Government has laws controlling these things. Yes it is a person personal decision as to what they want to do with their lives, any religious intervention is prohibited by the Constitution of the USA. No one ever said remove God from the people, I just said that Religion has no right in Government and I do believe if all the Constitutional Scholars are right the Constitution say the same thing
            It does seem that you have not enlighten your self other than through church readings about who and what the founders were,. They were not CHRISTIAN except for 9 but they were all religious, Just because there is the word God in all of our history I do not believe you will find any where that they say Christianity, that seems to be the delusion of the Christians. I know you have read nothing open mindely about our founders or you would know they turned down the words Jesus Christ by large majority when writing and discussing the Preamble and Constitution. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.
            -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782
            Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed by inserting “Jesus Christ,” so that it would read “A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;” the insertion was rejected by the great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohammedan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination.
            -Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography, in reference to the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom
            I think you should look at what the Founders wanted for this nation, not listen tot he religious right who actually lies about the founders.
            Jefferson could not have been against abortion, the black woman who bore his children had at least 5 abortions, 2 while they lived in Paris during the Revolution at least that is what the book on her life says.
            I would safely say you have read nothing on any of the founders just taking some one else’s word for it.
            I do wish you the best but I do think you are in for a very disappointing life because every thing that Trump[ does to satisfy your religious taste will be against the Constitution and against what the majority of persons in the USA want. The Majority of the citizens in the USA and in the world for that matter are tired of religious persecution what the items in our Constitution were supposed to prevent.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Robert Pekarik

            After reading your personal interpretation of what you personally think our founding fathers meant and your personal intrusion into their hearts and minds, I have come to one factual conclusion: You are a legend in your own mind.

          • Robert

            Robert Pekarik
            I do not suppose I am alone, being this is what is taught in the major colleges because the Constitutional Scholars say the same thing that is why it is taught, it was taught to me in Yale in the late 1950s, Why do you think the Supreme Court approved Abortion and Gay Marriages.
            It is the Religious Right who make it difficult for nearly everyone to function as they wish.
            If you think anything I wrote was wrong point it out and I will be glad to send you links to prove my posts. Even Harvard last year says they no longer stand by the article that was wrote by them about Ben Franklin being a Christian.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Robert Pekarik

            Robert, you are a liberal progressive democrat hack who tries to come off as some superior intellect. All you have is worn out perverted and immoral talking points. Proof? “It is the Religious Right who make it difficult for nearly everyone to function as they wish.” Which means, in liberal progressive language allow you to murder babies in the womb, assault people who don’t agree with your agenda and policies, burn, loot and destroy American citizens property and business’s all for the sake of your warped and pathetic translation of the law. None of our founding fathers would associate with the left because they had common sense and the ability to tell right from wrong based on the Ten Commandments. Allowing people like you to make immoral and perverted decisions does more to prove my point and will ultimately wake up the majority of Americans as they come to realize that liberal progressive agendas and policies are the real and present danger to our society.

          • Robert

            Robert Pekarik
            Persons like you are more dangerous to our society than a standing army. You try to get laws made based on your beliefs to make others walk in those beliefs, when the majority do not want those laws and that has been proven many times over, To think you are superior because you are Christian shows how uncaring you are about others, and how unwilling you are to follow the Constitution of this country where you are not allowed to intefer in others religion or non religion, and no laws shall be made based on any religion.
            The same things going on now have been going on since man kind waled the earth, when there were sever laws against it and no law you get passed will stop it, people are human being and will do as they please no matter what the law is.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Robert Pekarik

            Administrative adjudication evades almost all of the procedural rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It subjects Americans to adjudication without real judges. without juries, without grand juries, without full protection against self-incrimination. Administrative courts substitute inquisitorial process for the due process of law and that’s not just an abstract accusation; much early administrative procedure appears to have been modeled on civilian-derived inquisitorial process. Administrative adjudication thus becomes an open avenue for evasion of the Bill of Rights. This is how Obama conducted himself over the past 8 years and how our President now has to correct Obamas abuse.
            What you need to start reading are books on common sense, morality and decency. Not the drivel that comes forth from the corrupt, greedy and power hungry. “Today the state controls not merely the individual’s body, but much of his spirit as it can preempt; not merely his outer but his inner life as well; not merely the public realm but the darkest corners of private life, formerly inaccessible to political domination.”(Christopher Lasch” Haven in a Heartless World: The Family Besieged).
            You fail to see that the problem with a justice-related idea like equality is that, divorced from other public virtues and networks of obligation, it acts like a bulldozer. It flattens everything in its path. When it infects Supreme Court decisions , it licenses an official bigotry like Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion in United States vs Windsor. In striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Kennedy argued in Windsor that by passing a law rooted in centuries of moral tradition, Congress had acted with a “bare desire to harm” motivated by malice. So much for the will of the people and their elected representatives. Again you have forfeited your conscience in the name of bowing to the religion of secular liberalism. Centuries of morality which has stood against evil every time it raises it’s destructive head has become in the fundamental transformation of all things an evil itself. And by the way if you investigate the 10 commandments you will see how many of our laws are based on these laws of God.

          • Robert

            obert Pekarik
            I had three years of Constitutional law while in law school. I really do think there is something that says “of the People, For the People, By the people. I also do not remember any part of that Constitution says anyone had to live by the rules that a religion established, I do remember that there is a separation of church and state which the founders said no law shall be made based on religion any religion. I do think the majority of this country, like the laws that let every /+one live by their own way of living without persons bothering them about how they live.
            Show me one part of the Constitution which says that any church or religion can rule my life, we see that in the third world countries, not in countries like the USA which has freedom of religion all religions, with no interfering from anyone guaranteed by that Constitution.
            I would bet you have no idea how many were, tortured, beaten and killed in the new world before the Constitution put a stop to it, by saying all religions could worship here without being bothered.
            You even refuse to read anything that disagrees with you, I had a grandmother the same way, who said the only thing she was going to read was Gods word, and the only words that were GOD if they were is the Commandments, everything else she read in the Bible was written by man to control men. MY God would not need anyone to do any thing for him he would have done it himself he also would not have had a human produce a child when he was capable of creating them him self.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY.

          • Robert Pekarik

            You continue to argue that morals, honesty, religious purity have no place in our government. You bring up your grandmother who, without a shadow of a doubt, was so much smarter than you and I would bet she never attended a indoctrination center like you did. I have never stated that all religions could not worship in our nation, I stated that your religion has removed the influence of morality in our nation by establishing itself against our Constitution. Your religion is creating policy that eliminates all Christian religious practices by making up dogma and calling it law. It is your religion that has made it a law to kill children in the womb whom you have determined are not human and not worth life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These children in the womb have Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but your religions agenda has made dogma that makes it a right to kill them.
            You have manipulated our Constitution to fit your religions agenda. You have eyes but can’t see, ears but can’t hear the vile and perverted agenda of the perverse liberal progressive anti-American anarchists. As each day goes by you will see that good will triumph over evil and that we the people put our trust in God.

        • 4Pip

          It’s the Left that are trying to force islam on the people of America.That would bring their religion into our gov’t,it’s a way of life with them.Too bad they don’t seem to have a clue that it really is just a cult.Those who have been trapped in it are all going to be in Hell unless they find Jesus before then.I pray they do and quit that cult.

          • Robert

            I do not know where you are coming from with this but the rest of the world says Islam is a religion and have been for thousands of years. I can see in your post that you are a Radical Christian, trying to force your beliefs on others against their will. There is no religious test to come to this country and any interference with any religion by others is against the law according to the Constitution. Most of the founding fathers of this country were Deist and not Christians and most could not understand why Christians behaved the way they did.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Kevin

            You made an error in your post. Islam has not been around for “thousands of years,” although Christianity has been. This is the year 2017 AD (AD stands for anno domini, or in the Year of our Lord, meaning Jesus Christ). Two thousand is plural, and so Christianity qualifies as having been around for “thousands” of years. The Jewish faith (the faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) has been around since the time of Abraham (around 1800 BC), or you could date it back to the time of Moses, when the Torah (first 5 books of the Old Testament) was written, which was (probably) around 1300 BC. So, (splitting the difference) that makes Judaism around 3500 years old, still old enough to be “thousands” of years old. Islam wasn’t started until Mohammad started his preaching, around 610 AD. At most, Islam is therefore around 1,400 years old. It has not been around for “thousands” (plural) of years.

          • Robert


            I do apologize and admit I had an inaccuracy in my posting like you said in your response that Islam is said to originate in the 7th Century about 610 to 630.
            I do thank you for correcting me on this, I do make mistakes like any human and do admit when I am found to be in error.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

    • daledor

      Good revisionist history. Jefferson gave out special Bibles to the Indians. He knew that they could not understand a lot of the Bible so he only printed the words of Jesus. Why would someone in office also give Bibles to the Congress as Jefferson did? Believe what you will or what you have been brainwashed to believe. His one letter that said ‘separation of Church and state’ needs to be read in context. Jefferson did have problems with some religious leaders in his time, religion has always been an albatross to God and Christianity – it is man’s way of reaching God while God says there is ONLY ONE WAY to reach God, through His Son Jesus.

      I have big problems with SOME religious leaders like Jefferson did – not all who say Lord Lord will go to Heaven.

      The mindset in society against Christianity is many many years of propaganda and lies. Goebbles, propaganda minister for Hitler, was right – tell lies long enough people believe it. I suggest looking past rhetoric and doing some real studies of history rather than believing ‘revised’ and ‘rewritten’ history. I KNOW how the media lies, much experience and observation. The controlled media is run by the global bankers that head the New World Order agenda and they own international corporations that run Hollywood, most of the media of all sorts, and have great HOOKS and controls over certain fascets of education, Congress, etc. This is historic facts reported by previous presidents – even JFK warned about them..

  • scott
  • disigny

    Much ado about nothing. There was no “Religious Test” suggested or required. “Bigotry” is kind of Vague. I don’t think it is mentioned in the Constitution.

  • keepthe2nd

    I’ve always wondered.Why are liberals/progressives/atheists so afraid of something they say doesn’t exist? Are they also afraid of unicorns and Batman/Superman? If they believe God is a figment of Christians imaginations, what are they afraid of? Why is a congregation of Star Wars figures ok on a shelf in a store but a display of the nativity bother them? Very strange.

    • Kevin

      Its just another example of their own insanity…


    Even though the president has acknowledged evangelists (Mainly for the financial aspect), he does a good job as a secular president. I would venture that Trump is agnostic or maybe, just maybe an atheist. The founding fathers tried to separate church and state, and Trump can help us return to that!

  • Kevin

    I have “had it up to here!!!” with that stupid communist pig, Bernie Sanders. Bernie, why don’t you just save us all a bunch of grief, and GO TO HELL you STUPID SHIT-HOLE!!!

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