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VIDEO: Napolitano calls for criminal investigation of Loretta Lynch


Democrats expecting that former FBI Director James Comey would deliver Donald Trump’s head on a platter were stunned when the hearing ended with someone else looking like a corrupt public official.

Comey’s confessed that Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered him to use the term “matter” to refer to a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illicit use of a private email server.

That just happened to be the same term Clinton’s campaign communications team decided to use, at around the same time.

It is generally illegal for a presidential campaign to coordinate activities with an outside government agency.  If Comey’s statement is true, the Justice Department spent taxpayer money to spread Clinton campaign talking points.

Did Lynch coordinate official Justice Department actions with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign? Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks there’s enough there to begin a preliminary criminal investigation.

That decision falls to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Watch Judge Napolitano make his argument:

Video credit: Fox News

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