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Which conservatives were on the Alexandria shooter’s ‘ kill list’? Here are some names.


Photo credit: Facebook, James Hodgkinson

Liberalism has a domestic terrorism problem.

That became evident yet again last week when a “Resistance fighter” attempted to assassinate 16 Republican Members of Congress, who were practicing for a charity baseball game.

FBI agents found a “kill list” with the shooter, in which he wrote down the names of conservative lawmakers he planned to assassinate.

It reads like a MSNBC fantasy.

Fox News and The Daily Caller confirm the list included Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, Tennessee Rep. Scott DesJarlais and Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith are also on the list.  There are others on the list who have not been revealed.

All named targets are members of the House Freedom Caucus, a coalition of the chamber’s most conservative Members.

Many of them were also among the 14 congressmen and two senators whom the killer fired upon.

Along with his named targets Brooks and Duncan, others on the field when the shooter opened fire included Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Mich.; Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.; Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas; Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C.; Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio; Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill.; Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas; Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas; Rep. Trent Kelly, R-Miss.; Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn.; Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Mich.; Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga.; Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY and Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

Is it time for the FBI to begin monitoring the anti-Trump “Resistance” as a domestic terrorism threat?

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