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Chumps stumped when ‘Trump bump’ becomes record slump: Dem fundraising collapses


Photo source: Pixabay, AnnaER, Cc0 Public Domain,

Democrats predicting that President Trump’s poll numbers would translate into special election victories and record fundraising find themselves once again wondering why the world hates them.

“The Democratic National Committee raised nearly $4.3 million in May, making it the organization’s worst May on record for fundraising since 2003, according to newly released Federal Election Commission data,” The Washington Examiner reports.

“In May 2003, the Democratic group pulled in $2.7 million. Although 2017 is an off-year for fundraising, the DNC has raised between $4.5 million and $20 million every May in the nearly decade and a half since then.”

The story comes less than 24 hours after Democrats broke the bank in Georgia, spending a record $33 million on a special election to fill the U.S. House seat vacated by now-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

They lost.

And the situation, at least for now, is getting worse. Those record low May numbers come after the DNC posted the worst April fundraising since 2009.

That’s putting a damper on DNC Chairman Tom Perez’s promise to double the DNC’s budget, from $50 million to $100 million.

They can’t blame the economy, or political giving in general.  The RNC broke a new May fundraising record with $10.8 million, the most ever for an off-year.

  • jerry1944

    We still have those rich dems in the rep party to worry about ,The ones like romney and thos e that just meet to try to get rid of Pres Trump They are worst than the dems .They take sorous money also , mc cain ryan , old mitch graham and the bois

  • BonLovesFreedom

    It’s funny demonrats are too dumb to figure out what their problem is. We sure know what they do best – spend other people’s money, lie, and obfuscate. Everyone knows demonrats are against anything a republican or conservative says but we do not know what they are actually ‘for’! No wonder they all lost in the elections held this week.

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