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More liberal terrorism: Two charged with attempted murder in stabbing at Trump event


Photo source: Twitter, @BakedAlaska

Liberalism has a domestic terrorism problem.

This time, it’s two liberal terrorists who have been charged with attempted murder after stabbing a prominent alt-right figure’s bodyguard at a Trump event.  Antonio Foreman,  bodyguard for “alt-right” personality “Baked Alaska” was stabbed nine times by liberal terrorists outside a Trump rally in Los Angeles.

Edgar Khodzhasaryan, 30, of Glendale, and Arsen Bekverdyan, 31, of Burbank, are now charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Foreman was targeted by the pair after they noticed his vehicle’s pro-Trump stickers. The two allegedly shouted “You’re getting the shank, White Boy” as they stabbed him, “Baked Alaska” announced on Twitter.

Foreman was not on duty at the time, but was attending the event as a Trump supporter.  He nearly died in the attack, and spent 12 hours in surgery.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney did not file so-called “hate crimes” charges.

Terrorism is violence targeted at civilians to achieve political or social goals. Liberalism has a domestic terrorism problem.

  • jerry1944

    We are going to have to carry heat and learn to shot first and ask question after The THUGs seem to have the cops down for now where they cant be as effective as they where , that has to be fixed also .And all these demostations we need to be able to drive over those than block the road Set the speed on 55 and dont stop till you are out of the area . They ether clear the road are they run over We have to start fighting these low lifes

    • Kevin

      I thought I remembered seeing a video where some guy in a pickup truck plowed right through a line of leftist agitator protestors. I went to YouTube and was surprised to see videos of several videos that matched my search criteria! So, this is happening, and not infrequently. Here is a link to one of them. One should particularly note in this video, there is one shot of protest signs saying “Workers of the World Unite!” This is a slogan used historically by Communist front groups, going all the way back to the “Industrial Workers of the World” (IWW), who were also referred to as the “wobblies.” and date back to the 1920s. These leftists are communist to the core. (Interesting, too, that the truck is a Dodge “RAM”!) 🙂

  • BonLovesFreedom

    There is nothing whatsoever “liberal” about the self-named “liberalists”…look up liberal in the dictionary. Each of these attackers should be stabbed 9 times as well so they know the pain inflicted upon their victim. However, all the surgeons are occupied for the next couple days, sooooo… too bad for you guys. Now that’s justice!


    Great fake new story – the liberal terrorism side of it anyway! Baked Alaska…..

  • Robert Lanktree

    The story was on many news sites, if fake news it must be very well organized fake news.

  • MarcJ

    The entire Democrat Party should be classified as a criminal organization – just like Mafia.

  • Jimmy

    Apparently it was NOT a political act of any kind. Three violent guys bumped into each other and two of them stab the third. Strange how some people wanted this to be an act of political terrorism. Facts rule.

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