How to get shot by the police during a routine traffic stop…


I think you can see where this all went pear-shaped. With the right to carry a weapon comes the responsibility not to act like an idiot.

Watch the video. Look for where the mistakes were made and then go to the page from the great people at Frontsight: and Ignatius’s 10 Simple and Smart Rules That Will Save Your Life the next time you are pulled over by the police while you are carrying a gun.

Hint: Don’t reach for your weapon when the police stop you!

  • DWRiding

    I know a jury said he wasn’t guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter, but Damn ! Doncha think he was just a bit ‘quick on the trigger’ ???
    I could very easily see myself in the same situation… If he said ‘don’t pull it out’, but I was reaching for my wallet to show him my driver’s license, ( as previously ordered ) I might be confused for half-a-second… & DEAD as well…
    We don’t need cops like that !
    ( I’m a Conservative, 66 year old, white man from Utah )

    • Mike N

      I hate to judge. We don’t know what the officer saw him doing. He was told several time not to reach for his gun. Whether he was reaching for his wallet or gun the officer made it quite clear to stop reaching for whatever he was reaching for. Perhaps the officer saw him pulling a gun out. We don’t know. Without having all the facts I would hate to make a judgement. If I was in that situation I would expose my hands and explain that I was reaching for my wallet.

      • DWRiding

        Mike ~
        Try this… Pretend that the officer just told you ‘ don’t pull it out’… How long was it – at that point, before you were shot ??? Did you really have time to think that the officer thought you might be reaching for your gun instead of your wallet, ( as instructed ) Then – how long was it that the officer pulled his gun out and pointed it at you before he fired… Did you have time to ‘stop moving’ ???
        That timing was the basis of my judgment…
        I appreciate your comments though…

        • Mike N

          All good questions. I agree that sometimes police are too quick on the trigger. I don’t know if that was the case in this situation. He may have thought it was “his life or mine” and made an instantaneous decision. Perhaps the the wrong one. I don’t know.

  • Texas Belle

    The guy should have told the Policeman that he was reaching for his license, not for his gun (if that were the case). The cop had to make a split second decision; we can’t know what we would do in that situation unless we
    have experienced the same. Cops are human and get scared just like the rest of us.

    • DWRiding

      No, that’s a ‘cop-out’ ( sorry, bad pun ) It was NOT a split second decision… He had his gun out and pointed without ever having seen the motorists gun… He had a second or more to wait… Instead he acted like Matt Dillon at high noon… ( In my opinion ) Yea, there is doubt because no one could see what the motorist was doing, and that doubt got the cop off… I guess I’m not quite so generous as the law… I still don’t want guys like that on my police force… ( The one I pay to protect me, not to kill me )

      • Jim Lyons

        I am torn with this as well. I thought the Police Officer acted too quickly, but I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for sure. I do think it is great that this conversation stayed civil and people discussed the matter without going the way I have seen so many other comment sections go. If only the political landscape do work tis well.

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