You Might Be Placed on the Left’s “Kill List” for Taking this Quiz


The Left is becoming unhinged.  As you may know, Bernie Sanders volunteer James Hodgkinson had a “kill list” with him when he sprayed the GOP House leadership at a baseball practice.  You’ll need to know what group the late sicko Hodgkinson targeted along with the answers to four other tough questions to ace this week’s Quiz.

If you do, you will find your own Quiz Name prominently displayed here for the admiration and edification of the internet masses who stand in awe of these supersmart patriots:

chas butterfield, Randy, Ripunzil, nefmq3, Bill Steffen, Blueblaster, gh, Karl Pongracz, davyboy, 119 Oakwood, Gayle Steffen, billsteffen, RitaT, Waljb, Dr D Whiz, 119 Oakwood (less a person and more a sentient building perhaps?), crnnq, Dean Shuff, Toos, PaceArrow, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz June 19-June 23 2017

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