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Bernie Sanders & Wife Caught in FBI Bank Fraud Probe


Look who’s really under investigation by the FBI.

Petulant socialist scold Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane are under FBI scrutiny for bank fraud related to Jane Sanders time as President of a small private college.

Jane Sanders ran Burlington College from 2004 to 2011.

Burlington College, a small Vermont private school once led by the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, said Monday it will close later this month, citing “the crushing weight” of debt incurred during the presidency of Jane Sanders who was in charge of the college until 2011.

Unsurprisingly, Sanders ran the school into the ground. Surprisingly, Sanders made out quite well despite the failure.

The reason for the small liberal school’s terminal financial trouble is that to fund the property purchase from the Catholic diocese, Sanders took out $10 million in loans.  As HeatStreet reported last year, the college almost immediately fell short on its financial obligations as fundraising pledges and commitments Ms. Sanders cited in the loan agreements never materialized. Less than a year after leading Burlington College into massive debt, Ms. Sanders resigned, taking with her a $200,000 severance package.

It appears the FBI probe is focusing on two areas of criminal activity regarding the loan. First, charges that Jane Sanders misrepresented donor levels on the loan application and that her husband’s office placed undue pressure on the bank to approve the loan.

Sanders’ top adviser Jeff Weaver told CBS News the couple has sought legal protection over federal agents’ allegations from a January 2016 complaint accusing then-President of Burlington College, Ms. Sanders, of distorting donor levels in a 2010 loan application for $10 million from People’s United Bank to purchase 33 acres of land for the institution.

According to Politico, prosecutors might also be looking into allegations that Sen. Sanders’ office inappropriately urged the bank to approve the loan.

The normally loquacious Sen. Sanders has noticeably shut up when it comes to talking about this kind of 1%er bank fraud.



Good luck finding this bombshell report on the regular media outlets who are too busy making up stories about Russia to report real live American corruption.


  • Kevin

    Oh boy! “Feeeel the Bern!” This guy is another bullet this country recently dodged!

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    I wonder if he (Bernie) is going to throw his wife under the bus and blame her and solely her.
    Or, blame the Яussians?

  • Robert

    Again pure BS, If Jane Sanders had taken out loans for the college then the board had to know and approve, it is the whole college thing that is under investigation and Jane Sanders is involved but it is not just Jane Sanders any more than it is just Trump that is under investigation it is the operation that is being investigated, like any other College administrator or financial CEO it is a contract that gives them the severance pay or bonuses just klike it did for thew CEOs of wall street when the collapse in 2008.

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