China using North Korean crisis to expand global aggression


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President Trump is right to use Communist China to pressure North Korea to drop its nuclear weapons program.

But is the U.S. letting Beijing use that leverage to force America to submit to its threats?

“In return for altering North Korean behavior, China wants the U.S. to yield to its quest to dominate Southeast Asia, “a Washington Examiner editorial notes.

“It’s a quest with two strategic parts. The first is the Asia Investment and Infrastructure Bank. Offering tens of billions of dollars in grants and loans, the AIIB allows China to buy, bribe, and coerce other states into accepting its economic domination. By crowding out alternate rule-of-law based investments from the U.S., China wins a monopoly of regional political influence,” the Examiner writes.

“The second element is military. It involves constructing artificial islands in the South China Sea, and the militarization of those islands so that China can deny vessels transit through those waters. If China can control access to these trade-going waters, it will put immense pressure on states like Vietnam and the Philippines. They will face a choice between kneeling to China’s rule or enduring economic depression,” the Examiner writes.

They’re correct.

But they also left out U.S. concessions on Taiwan.  Shortly after his election win, then-President-elect Donald Trump accepted a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s leader, then suggested he would abandon the U.S.’s official “One China” policy, adopted by Jimmy Carter, that recognized Communist China, not the free Republic of China as the legitimate Chinese government.

Trump would quickly drop that suggestion after a phone call from Communist Chinese leaders.

Instead of winning Communist China’s cooperation through concession, Trump should force it through increased pressure.

Like Communist China’s plan, it comes in two parts.

First, re-establish formal recognition of Taiwan.  This weakens Communist China’s global influence.

Second, rapidly accelerate deployment of the THAAD missile defense system throughout Southeast Asia.  The THAAD system intercepts incoming missiles, such as those which could be fired from North Korea at South Korea or Japan.  But it also tracks radar stations, allowing countries threatened by Communist Chinese aggression to determine where the so-callled “People’s Liberation Army” is stationed and attacking from.

Those are two simple, peaceful solutions to both North Korean belligerence and illegal global expansion by Communist China.


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