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VIDEO: Has wrestler “The Progressive Liberal” met his match?


Photo Source: The Daily Caller, No Things Considered, Screencap

If you don’t hate “The Progressive Liberal,” you’re not a Real American.

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling’s Dan Richards, a.k.a. “The Progressive Liberal,” could be one of the best-worked wrestling gimmicks in years.

Donning a “Not My President” t-shirt, the smug, condescending performer berates his interviewer for his Kentucky drawl before lighting into his opponent as a “Fox News maggot.”  He tears into crowds for their inability to understand the tenets of democratic socialism, before asking ravaged coal mining communities to sign a petition to ban coal power.

We’ve seen wrestlers do the “smug arrogance” and “anti-American” gimmick before.  What make this seemingly ludicrous gimmick work is, you’re not sure if he’s kidding.

Most performers would come to the ring in a dress, or waving a Communist flag. But Richards is so effortless, and within the realm of reality, he could actually pass as a MSNBC host.

In fact, the Daily Caller’s Tim Young landed an interview with the crusading leftist, and it got a bit testy.

Why do I have the feeling these two haven’t seen the last of each other?

The interview starts at the 15:00 mark.

Richards will compete tomorrow, June 30, against Kyle Maggard in a “Crybaby Match.”  The loser must wear a diaper and suck on a bottle.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    Too bad these clowns have not seen the damage socialism has done to other nations like Venezuela.

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