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Mike Lee introduces new bill this week to eliminate ALL Federal regulations on suppressors


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Firearms suppressors are currently regulated like fully-automatic machine guns, meaning only a select few are allowed to own these safety devices. A bill currently being considered in Congress, the Hearing Protection Act, would eliminate the $200 Federal tax on suppressors and instead regulate them as firearms.

That’s good, but Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee has a better idea.

He and Idaho Republican Senator Mike Crapo introduced legislation this week to completely eliminate all Federal regulations on suppressors.

Can you hear us now?

Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) introduced the Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing Act of 2017, Thursday, a bill that would ensure the elimination of all federal regulations of suppressors.

“Suppressors can make shooting safer for the millions of hunters and sportsmen that exercise their constitutional right to use firearms every year,” Sen. Lee said. “The current process for obtaining a suppressor is far too expensive and burdensome. Our bill would remove these unnecessary federal regulations and make it easier for firearms users to protect themselves.

“By properly classifying suppressors as a firearm accessory, our bill would allow sportsmen to have better access to hearing protection and preserve the hearing of sportsmen, gun owners and those who live near shooting ranges,” Sen. Crapo said.

The bill doesn’t remove just Federal regulations.  It invalidates nearly all state or local laws against owning, possessing or using a suppressor.

(A) law of a State or a olitical subdivision of a State that, as a condition of lawfully making, transferring, using, possessing, or transporting a firearm silencer in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, imposes a tax on any such conduct, or marking, recordkeeping, or registration requirement with respect to the firearm silencer, shall have no force or effect,” the bill reads.

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