This Quiz Smells Better than a Leftist Protest


Those wacky leftist protesters were at it again this week.  Throwing feces, urine and even used tampons at police.  Do you imagine they fill up those stink bombs under Love Trumps Hate signs? They probably aren’t much for irony.

You will need to know what Left coast city to avoid if you want to join this massive list of your fellow supersmart patriots who managed to ace last week’s tough Quiz:

williamsteffen, alan solberg webster,sharon, RitaT, Reruho, BOB099, CGBritt, SueB, nefmq3, CGBritt, Gerhard Koehlinger Jr, Smitty, Fred W, BonLovesFreedom, Gayle Steffen, Randy, Fred W, E.T. USMC, Bill Steffen, Billj, apo175, katydid, Gandalf, boomer56, The Greek, Red, Tgr, atccccx, Matthew Law, dont know, Blueblaster, davyboy, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz June 26-June 30 2017

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