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It’s Still a Federal Bill – So It Still Nationalizes Tort Law


H.R. 1215 – the bill to nationalize tort law – is back.  Which is bad news – and makes even less sense than the last time it was under consideration.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore CC by SA 3.0

It came up in mid-June, but was pulled – for exactly the right reason.  Tort law is the many states’ domain – so this bill is anti-Constitutional.  And Congress pulled it – on federalism grounds.  Smart.

But now it’s back – with its backers claiming they’ve made some changes to address the federalism problem.

Except – that’s not possible.  It’s still a federal government bill – so it still would nationalize tort law.

You can’t “tweak” that away.

So H.R. 1215 – should simply go away.

This is a guest post by Seton Motley Founder and President of Less Government
  • jerry1944

    We do know how the dem rep lie to use dont we , are should by now , Just look how hard they fought to get rid of obambo care while he was in office and all those thing they crawled to help obambo and told us how hard they where working for us . And now they are working hard for us as they fight Pres Trumps ideas for the country Yep they do lie to use dont they

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