NYPD officer assassinated in Black Lives Matter copycat ambush


Photo source: NYPD, Public Domain

A New York City police officer was ambushed and assassinated as she sat in her patrol car by a shooter who had earlier posted anti-police messages to social media.

Officer Miosotis Familia, a mother of three children and a 12-year NYPD veteran, died in the attack.

Police officers responding to the shooting found the gunman, Alexander Bonds, a block away. He was shot and killed by officers as he attempted to draw his weapon.

The Associated Press reports:

Bonds, who also went by the name John Bonds, was sentenced to six years in prison on an armed robbery case in Syracuse and had been released on parole in 2013. His supervision was set to end next May. He also had a sealed arrest for assaulting a police officer using brass knuckles, but the date of that arrest wasn’t immediately clear…

…In a video posted on Facebook in September, the Bronx man ranted about the treatment of civilians by officers and talked about how hard life was behind bars. The photos of Bonds posted on the page match a police mugshot.

“Don’t think every brother, cousin, uncle you got that get killed in jail is because of a Blood or Crip or Latin King killing them. Nah, police be killing them and saying that an inmate killed them,” he said in the video.

The murder was a copycat attack of a 2015 ambush by a Black Lives Matter supporter that left two NYPD officers dead, and comes just weeks after a liberal activist gunned down a Republican congressman.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    God bless Officer Familia’s children. Glad the sick SOB Bonds was killed by the police. Question: Can someone explain…if “black lives matter”, why are black people killing so many other black people?? Know muslimes hate police and military – no word if this guy was a muslime.

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